• 2009 Album Ratings

    22 May 2011, 08:15 by Omega_Switch22B

    Recommendations are most appreciated.

    ★★★★★- Perfection, all-time classic
    ★★★★½- Excellence, recommended to anyone
    ★★★★- Great, recommended to most
    ★★★½- Very good, enjoyable despite lacking outstanding qualities.
    ★★★- Decent, recommended to fans
    ★★½- Average, indifference
    ★★- Poor, recommended only to hardcore fans
    ★½- Bad, avoid
    ★- Terrible, please don't waste your time
    ½- An abomination to the ear

    1349- Revelations of the Black Flame (black metal/dark ambient, ★★)

    A Storm of Light / Nadja- Primitive North (atmospheric sludge/drone doom metal, ★★★/★★★½)
    Abigail- Sweet Baby Metal Slut (black/thrash metal, ★★½)
    Absu- Absu (black/thrash metal, ★★★½)
    Achokarlos- Forget All You Know (progressive/technical death metal, ★★★
    ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE MELTING PARAISO U.F.O- Lord of the Underground: Vishnu and the Magic Elixir (psychedelic rock, ★★★½)
    Adrenicide- Kill (crossover thrash, ★★★/★★★½)
    Ahab- The Divinity of Oceans (funeral doom metal, ★★★½/★★★★)
  • 2010 Album Ratings

    21 May 2011, 23:48 by Omega_Switch22B

    1349- Demonoir (black metal, ★★★)
    65daysofstatic- We Were Exploding Anyway (idm, ★★★½)

    A Forest of Stars- Opportunistic Thieves of Spring (atmospheric black metal, ★★★½/★★★★)
    A Silver Mt. Zion- Kollaps Tradixionales (post-rock, ★★★)
    Abbadon- The Great Fall (black metal, ★½)
    Abigor- Time Is the Sulphur in the Veins of the Saint - An Excursion on Satan's Fragmenting Principle (industrial black metal, ★★★½)
    Aborym- Psychogrotesque (industrial black metal, ★★½)
    Abscess- Dawn of Inhumanity (death metal, ★★★)
    Access to Arasaka- Void(); (idm, ★★★★)
    Addaura- Addaura (black metal, ★★★)
    Adversarial- All Idols Fall Before the Hammer (death metal, ★★½)
    Agalloch- Marrow of the Spirit (atmospheric black/folk/doom metal, neofolk, drone, ★★★★
    Agyrpnine- 16[485] (melodic black metal, ★★★)
    Alcest- Écailles de lune (shoegaze/atmospheric black metal, ★★★★)
    All India Radio- The Silent Surf (ambient/downtempo/post-rock, ★★★)
    All That Remains- For We Are Many (melodic metalcore, ★★)