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  • Avatar for escvdo
    Nagilus, thank you very much! I could not remember song with this flute part ))
  • Avatar for train_me
    Mondo '77 - Looper
  • Avatar for lostlauren
    AW YUS. So good, I must leave second comment.
  • Avatar for digitalfemdroid
    Wow! some deep reverby synths in the background gettin' all spun out. Bouncy synth tones hovering over head and a flute to carry the mind. Great tune!! ♥ ♫♪ . . ^_^
  • Avatar for DownLow2
    bouncy ~ [2]
  • Avatar for mischazactfby
    bouncy ~
  • Avatar for wwikke
    this gets real, real good around the 3:45 mark [2]
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
  • Avatar for lastfmkvndnbrnd
  • Avatar for tha_bard
    great song!
  • Avatar for Nagilus
    Original Flute from COS (1974) :)
  • Avatar for guiguiboulz
    Everything's perfect
  • Avatar for rejoyz
    this gets real, real good around the 3:45 mark
  • Avatar for JohnBrune
    When this track ends a great sadness forms just to the left of my pancreas..
  • Avatar for lostlauren
    Cannot get enoughhh
  • Avatar for digitaldisc0
    gorgeous bass
  • Avatar for E47
    or is it a recorder? an ocarina?
  • Avatar for E47
    Oh god dat flute
  • Avatar for Kezman85
    This song is an absolute knockout, wouldn't change a thing about it.
  • Avatar for Psychedalex77
  • Avatar for droide_01_
    dum dl dum... haaaaaa
  • Avatar for Quasimoto
    So good.
  • Avatar for Petra_87
    The clinking chains in this song sound like they may be sampled from "The Capture of The Beast" by Aphrodite's Child.
  • Avatar for renardeargent
    tuktu toon
  • Avatar for nEverfrost
  • Avatar for closedmouth
  • Avatar for RadioheadFACE
    There's a bit where the vocals sound like they're from a Franz Ferdinand song, am I the only one hearing this?
  • Avatar for blastyle
    amazing,can't stop listening to it. it has been a while since any track has caught so much of my attention. Congratulations, Caribou and see you at Heineken Opener festival :)
  • Avatar for bridget_bridget
  • Avatar for Greeno23
    I haven't left the house for three days, but this is encouraging to make those first tentative steps outside. God I hope I don't explode in the sunlight.
  • Avatar for Merowinger110
    Ich verstehe da immer "litfass"
  • Avatar for peekoboo
    nice little ditty
  • Avatar for panuki
    i love the vocals..
  • Avatar for KingHeff
    House of Leaves? brilliant novel
  • Avatar for chronicplutonic
    the thing that makes us lonely will bring us back together :)
  • Avatar for amandacattt
    this is wonnnnderful. i love every bit of it.
  • Avatar for fastkomplett
    So good COS sample. Makes a good tune a outstanding piece of music.
  • Avatar for dickhead199
  • Avatar for colinz
    leaf house holds a special metaphorical meaning
  • Avatar for burningwaffles
  • Avatar for musick_
  • Avatar for ranin123
    <3 !!
  • Avatar for ashlito
    i can't stop listening to this song.
  • Avatar for kikirriki
    RT god how wonderful is this?
  • Avatar for prime1128
  • Avatar for CobaltGreen
    so good it's ridiculous
  • Avatar for moduin
    god how wonderful is this?
  • Avatar for optimisticsails
  • Avatar for dureta
    even better...
  • Avatar for tumbleweed500
    One of the few tracks I've actually enjoyed from my first run through the album.


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