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  • Avatar for niqart
    Overrated shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUCH MUCH WORSE than Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms
  • Avatar for MishMog
    Best album after 2000 imho, brilliant stuff.
  • Avatar for caveinternetum
    One of the best in 2010 [6] indeed
  • Avatar for HannaGabrielle
    One of the best in 2010 [5] !!
  • Avatar for panuki
    Incredible album.
  • Avatar for alexschelldorf
    Hey, Caribou fans. I've been writing about one album every day this year for my new project, One Record Per Day. Today's album is "Swim" - check it out and let me know what you think: thanks!
  • Avatar for Leo_rc
    El mejor...
  • Avatar for josh-bellmondo
    The Best LIVE ACT ......
  • Avatar for leisuresuite
    simply delightful! classic album
  • Avatar for Psychedalex77
    It's so easy to just drift away when listening to this, a completely submersive experience.
  • Avatar for Colt_R
    the liquidity... the flow... the waterfall of sounds... makes me want to SWIM
  • Avatar for guiguiboulz
    Genius work
  • Avatar for Cap_Pugwash
  • Avatar for rejoyz
    21st century classic.
  • Avatar for noob_foo
    It's rare when I can listen to an album as a singular whole as opposed to just a few selected tracks that are great. This one has a very high ratio of awesome tracks per album.
  • Avatar for Aguix
    A pure magic album
  • Avatar for DoberxD
    i love this album <3
  • Avatar for take-my-pillow
    Leave House <3
  • Avatar for daniels_arc
    Completely amazing. Grooves me so much.
  • Avatar for GreenCheese
    I love swim so much i cant tell with words
  • Avatar for hydromass
    jamelia гениально
  • Avatar for MJDouglas
    album of 2010
  • Avatar for placiu
    One of the best in 2010 [4 ]
  • Avatar for Pseudoforest
  • Avatar for mk741
    One of the best in 2010 [3] Excellent stuff.
  • Avatar for ZoneZero
    astonishing, I absolutely love this album (too bad that flac doesnt stream though :D).
  • Avatar for optimistic_tour
  • Avatar for almukantarat
  • Avatar for IndieEurope
    Making music as great as this should be a sin
  • Avatar for GeneralCrabcake
    "Swim" made the top of my TOP TEN albums of 2010. Swim > all other 2010 albums
  • Avatar for MishMog
    Obvious top 3 album of 2010 with Sufjan Stevens - Age of Adz and Janelle Monaè - The Archandroid in my book, random order
  • Avatar for Mutanteakordeon
    One of the best in 2010 [2]
  • Avatar for ithildin
    Absolutely mind-blowing. Love it to bits!
  • Avatar for Arthurayoflight
    one of the best in 2010
  • Avatar for yeyomonster
    So good it's religious to me
  • Avatar for facingeast
    Definitely his best album. There are some truly incredible tracks on here.
  • Avatar for Simjob
    Possibly my favourite album of the year. Amazing.
  • Avatar for Oreiller
    Saw them live two weeks ago and I was blown away. I'm now listening to this album, I'm blown away once again.
  • Avatar for look4burgers2g0
    consensual sex in the missionary position
  • Avatar for bmvlowflow
    great album
  • Avatar for beatfanatic
    love the album. I wish Lalibela was a bit longer.
  • Avatar for optimistic_tour
    Swim and Up In Flames are easily his best albums by a landslide
  • Avatar for GeneralCrabcake
    Swim > andorra
  • Avatar for SurrealStreet
    it´s such a captivating nicely mathematically hallucinogenic album
  • Avatar for adi51
    Swim > Pretty much everything
  • Avatar for Timppa2000
    Swim > There Is Love In You [∞]
  • Avatar for kristojk
    I love how layered the entire album sounds. The abundance of different instruments and noises makes my head explode. Also, I don't know why, but I really feel like having sex with this playing in the background.
  • Avatar for -Eppler-
    Swim < There Is Love In You
  • Avatar for loreleidreamer
    I'm not surprised how good this is, considering the artist. Definitely amazing!
  • Avatar for travDFD
    some love makin' tunes.


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