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  1. - Metal Project - DIY solo project started by Steven Ostroske in 2011. Steven writes and records all the instruments.

  2. When Giants Collide are a five piece metal band from West Yorkshire focusing on a progressive, rhythmic and groove based sound. Drawing influences…

  3. There are currently three artists releasing under the name 'Fractals'.
    1. Technical Metal band
    2. Death Metal artist
    3. Future-Garage/Instrumental…

  4. Hometown : Orlando, FL
    Members are :
    Nabeel Tarin : Guitar/Song Writer/Producer/Engineer
    Erik Pierce : Bass
    Tyler Kruckmeyer : Drums

  5. There are several Bands that go by the name Carthage

    Carthage Is a Progressive Deathce band from the Baltimore, Maryland area. The band is…

  6. facebook | bandcamp
    Formed In: 2012
    Hometown Location: Moscow, Russia
    Genre: Progressive Deathcore | Djent | Math Metal

    Band Lineup:
    Vova >…

  7. facebook | bandcamp
    Formed In: 2010
    Hometown Location: Orlando, Florida
    Genre: Progressive Deathcore | Djent | Technical Death | Groove

  8. There are at least two bands that carry this band name:
    bandcamp | facebook | youtube
    Formed In: October 2012
    Origins: Toronto, Canada…



    The apocalypse, the eradication of civilization, the end of the world. To…

  10. FAQ
    We know that there are still a lot of you that are pretty confused, and we apologize. Just to clear up a few things-

    1. We are NOT ADBOK.…

  11. Xehanort is an American Progressive Deathcore project, consisting solely of John Galloway, that was formed in Winter of 2011.

    The first effort, a…

  12. Limit Zero is a progressive metal band from Bangalore, India. Formed in late 2008 by Shreyas, the project hadn't made any progress until early…

  13. Dissipate was born in Summer of 2005. Since then, they’ve recorded three albums and released several rounds of merchandise (including posters,…

  14. Year : 2012
    Album : Echo
    Country : Russia
    Genre : Progressive Metal / Djent / Math

  15. We are a metal band from Newcastle, trying our best to breathe life into a stale genre. We are not an image. We are not trend driven. We create…

  16. It’s been four Years Since “the Storm’s” inception in central New England. After more than 200 shows throughout 15 of the U.S. states and…

  17. As Oceans BANDCAMP, listen to their debut album Enough Light To Warrant The Contrast here.

    Genre: Progressive Death…

  18. Genre
    Melodic Metal/Metal Core/Metal
    John Moser - Drums
    Paul Duran - Guitar
    Ray McKinnon - Guitar
    Erik Price - Bass/Vocals

  19. Subscale is a band from Zagreb, Croatia. Its music is driven by sledgehammer riffs with a melodic backbone influenced by bands such as Fear…


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