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  • Avatar for bonjovyborges
    Fucking genial song!!! The riff arrrrrrrrr
  • Avatar for AceeDeeCee
  • Avatar for Metalfiend11
  • Avatar for goslingredux
    dat solo :OOOOO metullz emoshunz
  • Avatar for Kajtek666
    Better than the title track
  • Avatar for DRExLOC
  • Avatar for s4ch1n
    Legendary solo by Amott!
  • Avatar for marcgindratt
    This is song blew me away the first time I heard it.
  • Avatar for s4ch1n
    Ear rape
  • Avatar for dth213
    Complete classic from beginning to end. Same as Necrotism. Everything after Heartwork was a shitty sell out.
  • Avatar for EVILteddie
    The riffs on this track are some of Carcass' finest.
  • Avatar for JoseMariaAznar
    holy shit
  • Avatar for npolzkill666
    one of the best bands ever. way ahead of their time
  • Avatar for EddyZeppelin
    My verbal reaction...out loud: GODDAMN.
  • Avatar for kcnirva
  • Avatar for unsocabill
    Yeah. It's awe inspiring
  • Avatar for mtobi666
    I cum after 1st minute
  • Avatar for Rotbart90
    this song is so fucking good
  • Avatar for b060113last
  • Avatar for brutalbruto
    muito foda
  • Avatar for decentthief
    this mortal coil>carnal forge>heartwork in that order thanks
  • Avatar for Lamentus
    Fucking Carcass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Pato_PoppleR
    better than orgasm.
  • Avatar for robo042
  • Avatar for Downfall75
    Their best track in this album.
  • Avatar for yellowgawron
    This melodic breakdown after first minute made me shit bricks.
  • Avatar for iainpollard
    this is awesome
  • Avatar for Dax331
    This was my favorite song from Heartwork.
  • Avatar for mcmarkwitfries
  • Avatar for hyemale
    so ideal
  • Avatar for metal9383
  • Avatar for yerenzai32
    你们这些傻逼 能不能好好的听我嚎叫
  • Avatar for PainBMLG
    heiß heiß heiß!
  • Avatar for Metal4ever88
    Carnal Forge (the band) is actually not too bad. They can get old after a while, but luckily their last album is different. This song fucking rules btw!
  • Avatar for Cerbyrus
    The guitar solo is orgasmic.
  • Avatar for MetalDave12
    There is NO ONE like Carcass.
  • Avatar for Der-Troll
    geiler song....
  • Avatar for tru_dude
    This hurricane of a song, and finally some blast-beats are here too! awesome... i tried to keep up with the rhythm to play this main riff, to no purpose - it's some damn hard!
  • Avatar for fnglmuse
    yesss great song!
  • Avatar for FallofEden
    Gets better and better as the years roll by...
  • Avatar for Foggster
    so of the best deathers/grinders...
  • Avatar for andreluizeng
    great song
  • Avatar for vladguitar22
    Que temota y que bandota!!!!! parranduda!!!
  • Avatar for fireshnake
    bloody ecstasy! Pure genius...the solos, the lyrics, the fucking voice. after 16 years I can still not get enough of this album/ this song. BROOOOODAAAAAHL!
  • Avatar for jacekkat
    Killing machine
  • Avatar for Masakistjg
    That DAMN solo! Fucking GENIUS!!
  • Avatar for thrasher12
    jeff walker the voice of grind!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for bloodaxe666
    this song is a beast
  • Avatar for VonJuntz
    Vamooooosss!!!! aarrrrghhhhh! Rk
  • Avatar for d808
    el mejor disco de carcass ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡


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