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Captor can refer to multiple bands, including:

1) A Swedish thrash/nu-metal band that formed in 1986 in Vingåker / Katrineholm. At first they were known under band names like Gonzola, Midas Touch and Pestilence (they didn't know about other bands with the same name) but in 1987 they took the name Captor after the Slayer song "Captor Of Sin". In 1988 drummer Christer "Putte" Johansson switched to guitars and Lars-Ingvar Eriksson joined as the new drummer. The following year they disbanded since several members had to do their military service. In the autumn of 1989 Jacob and Lars-Ingvar got back together and found a young promising guitarist named Niklas Kullström who shared their musical visions. They decided that Captor was a suitable name for their new project as well. At the same time Jacob switched instrument from guitars to bass. After a couple of demos (the first one not released until five years later in 1991) they were featured on the Extreme Close-Up sampler, sponsored by Close Up Magazine and MNW. Following the debut album on Euro Records in 1993 the band went through a couple of line-up changes before releasing an independent mini album in 1995. Having heard a track from the following full-length release Diehard Music signed the band. Their final album "Alien Six" was apparently very Korn influenced and released on the Turkish label Hammer Muzik. The earlier releases were inspired by death and thrash metal bands like Coroner and Death. In 1994 the band recorded a demo and a video which were never released.

2) A Finnish electronic project by Tuomas Skopa and Ville Pohjola, has released two albums We're the Prophets (2005) and Squirrel (2008).

3) A Finnish pop/rock band from Lohja, southern Finland, formed in 2007.

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