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  • Avatar for Chupka9
    call me crazy but this is better than Ghost Mice (or any of his other bands)
  • Avatar for thompsonmd
    Chris Clavin will live forever (2)
  • Avatar for VEGANARCHIST-_-
    Chris Clavin will live forever
  • Avatar for boumalhab
    VVV Fuck you.
  • Avatar for eternalcowboy2
    someone should tell Chris Clavin to kill himself
  • Avatar for TuppKuk
    he's just a cool cat.
  • Avatar for Sukka-Man
    Just listened This Is Cake in its entirety for the first time while riding my bike this night at 2am, and just... wow. So awesome lyrics. Best time I've had in a while.
  • Avatar for lost_califlower
    God, I've missed this...
  • Avatar for notoriousflufyg
    hot garbage
  • Avatar for TrixRabbi
    This Is Cake is the best album of anything he's done across all name.
  • Avatar for allisaaa
    his bright eyes covers are so much fun i cant take it.
  • Avatar for boumalhab
    I was looking through my Charles Bronson discocrappy and Mark is wearing a Captain Chaos shirt in one of the pictures, thought that was pretty neato! Thats fucking awesome:D:P
  • Avatar for Ropeburnred
    i like you. planning on coming to new york any time soon? i'd come hang out, my friend told me you are a pretty cool guy. I would like to see you play n stuff
  • Avatar for ZacharyBoone
    my ex showed me this. and I love it
  • Avatar for bumblegumble
    I was looking through my Charles Bronson discocrappy and Mark is wearing a Captain Chaos shirt in one of the pictures, thought that was pretty neato!
  • Avatar for PaperBoyUnion
    Is 'Land of Fire' on Your Bright eyes are going to kill me for sure a cover? if so who does the original?
  • Avatar for peeves111
    Captain Chaos 221,174 plays (6,806 listeners) 1,279 plays in your library LOL WHAT i always fall asleep listening to him then my ipod plays him ALL night haha.
  • Avatar for jonkv
    his bright eyes covers are great!
  • Avatar for zomgbieeeeee
    that streets song sounds much different when it's not hip hoppy
  • Avatar for Pewpewlazers
    hey... this is just ghost mice without the violin!
  • Avatar for evanINCREDIBLE
    some kind of wonderful.
  • Avatar for vezatron
  • Avatar for BuddhaWhenISit
    The Best Note Ever is an AWESOME song.
  • Avatar for PennyDr3adful
    the lyrics are so simple and droll. this is great music!
  • Avatar for Alexher123
    How to make a smoothie may be the most hilarious song I've ever heard.
  • Avatar for godlovesugly525
    just saw his last show as captain chaos.
  • Avatar for AlleyHoop
    cops can't dance makes me laugh. it's a great song
  • Avatar for emodius
    All 7 of his albums are great.
  • Avatar for the_jer
    ephrum83, his CD's cost $5 (sometimes less), i'd suggest getting them from the labels directly.
  • Avatar for ephrum83
    so, does anyone know where i can download some of his music? ive got ghost mice and operation cliff clavin mp3s online but can not find captain chaos anywhere, ive only got like 3 songs and i want some more of his music so bad!!!!!
  • Avatar for bobandstuff
  • Avatar for counterfriction
  • Avatar for ephrum83
    does anyone know where i could download any of his music? or just get a cd?
  • Avatar for SkankinIndyJew
    nvm i dont haha
  • Avatar for SkankinIndyJew
    i neeed more captain chaos, rly bad, can anyone get me some? i will defineatley give u any of mine
  • Avatar for the_jer
    Ireland is not a very good album. the four essential CC albums are May All Liars Burn in Hell, This is Cake, The Fool, and For the Devil because those four tell a great story together. Ireland is kinda a throw away and Bloomington is decent but seems out of place.
  • Avatar for 80sfraud
    I like ghost mice, but I got Ireland and I don't like it one bit. :(
  • Avatar for chelcizabomb
    so my life
  • Avatar for CoreyEllis
    judge judy.
  • Avatar for SunshineDelux
    It's gross how good Chris is
  • Avatar for itsfebtober
    if your partner does not know Capt. Chaos, the note works amazingly
  • Avatar for katieblue
    sounds just like the mountain goats
  • Avatar for StevenRayMorris
    you tell wonderful stories
  • Avatar for SgtSalad
    The 24th, baby!
  • Avatar for we_cantelope
    mmmm.... soooo goood
  • Avatar for Syncloader

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