• mixin' ain't easy

    23 Jan 2006, 09:28 by tomauto

    I usually listen to my Itunes library on random and when I hear a tune that sounds good, I add it to a working playlist. After I get enough songs to fit on a cd, I stop and create a mix out of the songs that have been put in the list. So most of my mixes don't have an actual theme per say. It's a little more challenging to make it flow well, and sometimes it works and other times, ehhh...

    ANYWAY here's my latest which I do like quite a bit, pretty mellow but it flows well, and I think Kanye West and Nina Simone's tunes work well with each other..

    The Ruling Class--could be one of Jeff Tweedy's funniest lyrics ever.

    Radiation Vibe--I've always wanted this on a mix, just a lot of power pop fun.

    The Calming Seas--The sunny pop vibe continues

    These Are the Ghosts--Kinda fits in with the previous track's retro tinge.

    Mississippi Goddam--The Bees sound like they're from the 50's/60's and Nina IS. This is hair on you arm raiser for sure.