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  • Avatar for Anne5419
    Speed sure kills ya.
  • Avatar for senseye-blues
    speed kills, yeah
  • Avatar for juliacrisromero
  • Avatar for escarabat94
  • Avatar for Stadtschrat50
    Klassiker, geiles Teil !!
  • Avatar for Urbanrobot
    Awesome version!!!!
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    Original is still the best version,but we all know how fucked up can be!
  • Avatar for xtwntraphq
    Gee, NOW they play the true version. Thanks lastfm SOB"s LOL
  • Avatar for PattySauce
    Fucking love this song, Listen boys and girls that shovel in snow!!! LOL Speed kills!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Roy1968Wood
    The irony here is that Bob Hite died of a speedball overdose.
  • Avatar for BlueOclock
    Sing it you big grizzly bear! Yeah, Canned Heat!
    good advice the heat is hot on this one
  • Avatar for granpubah
    bout time they played me some Heat!
  • Avatar for progressive163
  • Avatar for lottadogs
    love this song..I rock it on guitar..its a lifestyle ya know!!
  • Avatar for xtwntraphq
    Minus The Bear and The Owl just doesn't cut it sorry :(
  • Avatar for PattySauce
    Great song, bad drug!!
  • Avatar for LWRICH
    Yeah, 'Speed Kills' is so true!! I thank God that He got me out of that way of living!! I most likey would have died long ago if I had continued to be involved with the lifestyle!
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    speed kills
  • Avatar for oldiesfanjohn
    cautionary tale of misguided youth
  • Avatar for Woefud
    ohh is that so?
  • Avatar for tylerdurden6991
    never gets old
  • Avatar for TYtheUnbeliever
    FUCKING A!!!
  • Avatar for suthrngentry
    This is MY SONG (my real name is "Annie" and I meth around / Saw these guys at Woodstock...Yeah, folks, I was there. I may doze but I never close!
  • Avatar for ancy-mon
    clear message
  • Avatar for ZosoGravity
    Great guitar tone
  • Avatar for Shaky53
    The pictures are from original C. H.- musik`s not. Only Fito left. The feelin`s gone...
  • Avatar for senorhippie's Amphetamine...not Amphibian Annie! Well, that's different!!!!
  • Avatar for aquariuslibra
    That was one of my first contacts with Blues
  • Avatar for lottadogs
    methadrine, you get it from the doctor
  • Avatar for lottadogs
    yeah I could use a bump right now.
  • Avatar for harryno
  • Avatar for bubba_ch
    stuart, since crystal meth is METamphetamine (hence the meth after crystal, I guess), you are right, this is amphetamine. don't know why you call it sulphate though, just amphetamine is enough. meth is probably the worse of the two, but still, amphetamine is pretty dangerous too.....peace man.
  • Avatar for stuart888
    i think the songs about "amphetamine sulphate" and not crystal meth. two different substances. crystal meth being the worse of the two..........peace man.
  • Avatar for ozandogan
    nice :)
  • Avatar for ObmujSon
  • Avatar for nocturana
  • Avatar for asibalen
    Ampfethamine Annie??? Ampfhetamine Bayern München!!!!
  • Avatar for stlthbmr
    I could use a bump right about now. hehe
  • Avatar for Fischante
    This is such an awesome song.
  • Avatar for BillyIdolsHair
  • Avatar for Wolfsmokey
  • Avatar for spotpatty
    If you can control it a bump in the morning aint so bad
  • Avatar for whoanellie49
    speed kills....
  • Avatar for lawlejam2
    Saw them in concert back in 71. Let's just say that drugs and playing a concert don't mix.
  • Avatar for Kreta-Matala
    Das waren noch Zeiten......
  • Avatar for slasheduardo
    god god
  • Avatar for Ocko1st
    Perfect song
  • Avatar for hadashi05
    A song with a <i>message</i>!
  • Avatar for J_RoMoozeek
    I hope all you meth freaks are listening.


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