• FSC Year #3 [Fall 2009]

    10 May 2010, 05:22 by mrwhite5

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    Somehow, the hell that was the second half of Year #2 didn't kill me. I somehow made it out alive. So what happens at Year #3?

    August-September: Somewhat Damaged

    Back to school, in my same dorm room as before. No job this time, but then again,I wasn't so concerned about it. I think what I was really concerned with was putting a shitty summer behind me and moving forward with my life. So moving in wasn't a hassle...pretty streamlined. I'm chilling in my room, waiting for my homies to hit me on the cell, and in the meanwhile, I'm listening to Gravediggaz' Diary of a Madman. In my boredom, I stumble upon something really really cool: the sample based off it.

    And it is....Johnny Mathis: No Love But Your Love. Subsequently, said song haunts me for weeks on end. Amazing how spooky a 1950's song can be in 2009. Props to RZA for flipping a gem of a song. That's why I love hip-hop oh so much.

    So in this period of time, I am all over the place with my music listening. …