• the 2006-10-15 Sunday Fetch-it

    15 Oct 2006, 00:54 by GregKNicholson

    Bam! I'm back.

    And I've moved house, which is mostly why the internet went missing for a while there. Tiscali's remarkable sluggishness really didn't help either. Damn Tiscali.

    Anyhow, it's been about thirteen weeks since we last spoke, and in that time there have been about thirteen episodes of the venerable BBC 6 Music programme, Roundtable. (Y'know, it's rumoured that the table isn't actually round.) I did have a big massive dirty great whopping super extra bonus bumper box-set compilation Roundtable round-up to show you all, but then I decided that no-one would actually bother to read it all (and anyway, I missed a couple of programmes because Listen Again was being a smurf).

    So instead I shall present the condensed version – a smattering of a selection of my favourite words that I've written about Roundtable over the last three months, many of which, thanks to their unusually long gestation periods, come with patented Benefit Of Hindsight™ technology.