• God Reigns

    5 Jul 2008, 16:17 by Arwen4CJ

    I love Delirious' song "Our God Reigns." The part I like best goes like this:

    "Our God Reigns, forever Your kingdom reigns. Our God reigns, forever Your kingdom reigns."

    I was going through all the songs I have and finding mp3's of them for my online pods. I decided to put all the songs that had to do with the gopsel message together...as I was doing that and listening to thes songs at the same time, this theme stuck out to me more than ever before. This is a theme that has been made more and more clear to me over the past year.

    For me as a Christian, this is an awesome concept to think about. First of all, it's all over the entire Bible, both the OT and the NT. It's a huge deal, because it means that God reigns over everything. Jesus being both the Messiah and God (2nd Person of the Trinity) allows God to reign supremely. It's a concept that I don't even know if I can describe...but it's really powerful to try and think about.