18 Jul 2011, 08:50 by iconan

    Il krautrock (anche detto Kosmische Musik o corrieri cosmici) è un termine coniato dalla stampa e dalla critica angloamericana in riferimento alla scena musicale costituita dai vari gruppi attivi nella Germania degli anni settanta. Questi gruppi hanno prodotto in varia misura forme musicali nuove a partire dal rock progressivo o dalla musica elettronica, anche nei decenni precedenti. Il termine fu utilizzato per la prima volta in senso denigratorio sulle pagine del settimanale inglese Melody Maker.

    Intorno alla metà degli anni '60, a Monaco di Baviera si era formata una libera comune hippies, dove le persone vivevano in totale libertà, organizzavano continuamente degli happening musicali, ed erano impegnati fortemente a livello politico, qui si è formato il collettivo musicale chiamato Amon Düül. Questo fu il krautrock: una sfida tesa al raggiungimento dell'autonomia culturale…
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    18 Jul 2006, 06:33 by justinowski2727

    this track would not move to the next song on my last fm player and even though i might of liked it before that now that i had to listen to the whole thing i know it sucks so there
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    14 Jan 2006, 12:36 by paperbagwriter

    There is something remotely satisfying about the mechanical crunch that resounds after a tape has been inserted and the deck closed. I got the same simple pleasure last night having inserted a recorded copy of Delay 1968 in there, and pressing play.

    I am still not quite certain what possessed me to listen to this mediocre collection of rarities and outtakes, but after enduring the first three tracks, I heard the familiar guitar phrase coupled with the simple bassline of Thief. I listened to the first twenty-five seconds paralysed, not due to the anticipation of what was to follow, but perhaps of fear, that I could not remember what the remaining four and half minutes had to offer.

    I had forgotten a track that I had previously loved, merely two years ago. I can remember wearing the old tape thin, having played it at least five times on the walk to school, and just as many on the way back. Other artists that have fallen by the wayside over the course of years have included; Faithless