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  • Avatar for ProgClow
    awesome psychedelic jam.
  • Avatar for Bentwick09
    brilliant drums....
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    Can of coca cola
  • Avatar for LeandroPiv
    Amazing, so many different sounds and textures in this one. Also, that "HALLELELELELELULULULULULULULULULULULULUWAH" part is fucking awesome.
  • Avatar for flash_flem
    The end is pure space travel
  • Avatar for LedDivision
    Musique pour réveiller les morts.
  • Avatar for otherone71
    Dance, dance, dance!
  • Avatar for Henniker71
  • Avatar for venicechance
    This is just fantastic.
  • Avatar for rockopa53
  • Avatar for Xaulb
    greatest song of all time
  • Avatar for sasukeroxxx
    Ha lelo lelo lelo lelo la la la la la la lala lala lelo waaaaah!
  • Avatar for buckleytim
    wow ..... great song ....
  • Avatar for rhayader18
    Lelo Lelo Lelo Lelo Lelo Lelo Lelo Lelo Leeelowaaa
  • Avatar for wiseblood-
    One of the greatest songs of ALL TIMES!
  • Avatar for tayubino
    can's sister ray
  • Avatar for AnaalForsage
    Best Can song
  • Avatar for RussellChap
    amazing. a maze to get lost in
  • Avatar for BioBin
    Can's Hey Jude
  • Avatar for mooseberg
    this song is freaky as hell and i can't get enough of it
  • Avatar for jpzitoleopold
    this is insane
  • Avatar for aimless_prophet
    this song is cooler than you
  • Avatar for jpzitoleopold
    Jaki is a fucking beast
  • Avatar for TreeDwarf
    What a perfect song. Felt weird hearing it while watching Emma Watson in the bling ring...
  • Avatar for Verderber
    This is one of those tracks where I can't tell if I've been listening to it for 10 minutes or 2 hours. Liebezeit, you fucking madman.
  • Avatar for mirrormont
  • Avatar for activewaste
    sounds good when sober, sounds perfect when drunk
  • Avatar for celexicdream
    Very calming and relaxing @ 4:42. Would love to hear that on a beat.
  • Avatar for UnFlaneur
  • Avatar for Oidualc
    it's "mr. sound engineer" for you, son.
  • Avatar for canamon7
    Jaki makes me to be a drummer..true, an michael makes me to be a guitar player, irmin makes me to a be a keyboard hero, and holger makes me to be... a can member.
  • Avatar for RussAuto
    wow that drum beat is incredibly catchy
  • Avatar for gmpwca
    Rock_n_Robin—this track was released in '71. Talking Heads first record was '77. Cannibalism I was a retrospective compilation—which is why it appears this came out in '98. that's not the case.
  • Avatar for rocketbrother19
    favorite 18+ minutes song
  • Avatar for Sooperglitcher
  • Avatar for Maglor_T
    This is freaking good...
  • Avatar for Nakkinak
    v bro you've got something wrong here :---D
  • Avatar for Rock_n_Robin
    The beat and the vocal style reminds me of some Talking Heads tracks. I can't tell who influenced whom, because Can's history dates back to '68, but this track, coming in 1998, follows early Talking Heads songs by more than 20 years. Like this.
  • Avatar for Xaulb
    greatest of all time
  • Avatar for Equinoctial
    This thing is just on another level.
  • Avatar for calrs
  • Avatar for enigmatikc
    Unusual band. Drummer is articulate
  • Avatar for klikN64
    oh god those drums
  • Avatar for iwo2
    8x lelo + 1x leleło
  • Avatar for RaisetheDjed
  • Avatar for EvilMonkeyRec
    Can Live Bootleg >>
  • Avatar for Viral7
    perfect song, could go on forever
  • Avatar for elchingolense
    Why is it so shoooooooort? jeez
  • Avatar for activewaste
    1112 seconds is not enough
  • Avatar for strata_rep
    That's my entire DJ set right there.


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