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Camera Obscura

Your Picture (3:08)


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  • it is Cohen-y as hell
  • Maybe YOU suck! Ha—ZING. But yeah, this is Cohen as fvck.
  • I love CO but this track sucks.
  • Ha, I guess I'm a little late to make a Cohen comparison. Well, knowing they were influenced by Leonard makes me like them even more.
  • Yes, Cohen, good job on a great album
  • i, too, came to say it sounds like cohen! (3) its odd on the album, but its still great
  • hahaha joining the Cohen brigade as well! Sits weird on the album but I don't care, still love it!
  • Cohen o no es bonita.
  • I like Leonard Cohen.
  • i, too, came to say it sounds like cohen! (2)
  • joinin' the Cohen brigade
  • I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel...
  • I came to write that this song sounds like Cohen, I suppose I am not the only one who feels this way.
  • Well, I for one never thought about Leonard Cohen a single time while listening to this song. But then again, I don't listen to Leonard Cohen.
  • Like everyone else here I thought I was listening to Leonard Cohen until I checked who it really was
  • It doesn't sit well on the album for me either.
  • ......Un cantastorie...............
  • It's a great track, no doubt, but it doesn't flow with the rest of the album.
  • makes me cry
  • Love it, thought it was a Cohen track as well...
  • I heard this Cohen-y song and liked it a lot. The other Camera Obscura stuff I tried doesn't really do it for me...shame
  • Obsuras view of bleak
  • Unquestionably Famous Blue Raincoat reinvented!
  • fucking great!
  • Straight up Leonard Cohen.
  • has Leonard Cohen written all over it
  • Yes, this is early Leonard Cohen fo SHO.
  • rainy day barbecue smoke
  • Love them!!
  • oh oh oh.
  • i'm in love with this song
  • Reminds me of Famous Blue Raincoat.
  • Beautiful, indeed.
  • Agreed, this is exactly Cohen style. That can't be a coincidence. It's even got friggin whistling at the end!
  • this song sounds a lot like leonard cohen.
  • Beautiful.
  • Catchy song.
  • Great!

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