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Camera Obscura

To Change the Shape of an Envelope

A beautiful, enthralling record, fusing together a concise blend of spacy melody, shouted art rockish hardcore, and droning shoegazer style. Camera Obscura absorbed an essence out of empty rooms and built it into something sprawling and stylish, with extended monolithic empires of distorted swirling vocals, looping whirling saunas, and sample-riddled amalgams of synth and organized noise. Sometimes bordering on what some would call pretentious, yet paying off in undeniably raw expression, To Change the Shape of an Envelope is an… read more



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  • "To Change the Shape of an Envelope is an album that you either understand and love, or it passes you completely by." Says it all really. Bought this years ago and still put it on from time to time to remind myself how innovative and great they were.
  • The other Camera Obscura is alright, but this one is amazing.
  • Found this at a record store expecting the Pop one and got a pretty awesome album none the less.
  • s1o
    PLEASE if someone here does any info about this band, website, msypace, because of the scottish band I cant' find anything about them. I only know the "change the shape..."album, did they released something else? this album is just one of the best record ever.
  • So this is where the "other" Camera Obscura fans come to give shout outs. Like so many bands, so good, but so little output.
  • i love this band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate that when i listen to it, it scrobbles as the other camera obscura... hate!!!!
  • this album is just awesome. Nut yeah it's a shame their name is equal to another band which sounds totally different. They really should have their own lastfm page. One of the best screamo cds i've ever listened. For sure
  • they didn't have google back in the 90's so there's liable to be dozens of bands with the same names, lol, poor blokes. I like this one on this recording.
  • More people need to hear this amazing album.
  • This band is awesome. Too bad nobody knows of them. Don't even have their own last.fm page.

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