• How good are's recommendations?

    29 Jul 2009, 14:08 by temujin1234

    Although I joined nearly 3 years ago, in the beginning the main attraction of the site was the statistics tracking. I don't think I even spoke to anyone else here in the first year. While I looked at the recommendation pages and checked a few artists out (and liked some) I never really tried out the recommendation radio. I mainly found new artists from the similar artists lists on the artist pages. A huge majority (well over 99%) of the 70,000+ plays I have are of music I already know and own.

    More recently, I have spent time trying out the recommendation radio, and generally found it to choose music to my liking. Occasionally I see posts on the site from people who are not that satisfied with their recommendations. On sunday afternoon I spent some time listening to my recommendations, and decided to write about and rate the music that was recommended to me, and this is what follows...