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  • Avatar for errt5
    WOW, this band is amazing!
  • Avatar for munframed
    Lucky to finally discover this band and Bloom! I'm a huge Arcane fan and accidentally listening to this I could guess who the vocalist is. So sad that there's no Arcane anymore, but this is a way around for me! Amazing album, wonderful vocals. A bit heavier/thrasher than my taste, but all good! <3
  • Avatar for Heliocat
    I just took a wild shot at buying the bloom album, and i'm very glad i did, it's one of the best albums in a long time
  • Avatar for Scout2000
    I think Bloom is my album of the year. I can't stop listening. I bought their CD immediately after discovering them. Just wow.
  • Avatar for meolnir
    Bloom really stands out, amazing melange of old-school heavier prog metal and very modern, mellow rock. [2]
  • Avatar for VanillaDragon
    I had heard of these guys for a while but never actually listened. wow holy fuck i was missing out, incredible music
  • Avatar for SteeleDream
    Bloom really stands out, amazing melange of old-school heavier prog metal and very modern, mellow rock. Especially Marigold and Rust blow my mind everytime I listen to the songs.
  • Avatar for joao_symbolik
    can't stop listening to the new album
  • Avatar for niceVulpture
    Nice gig in Krakow :)
  • Avatar for Nozeslol
    bloom is fucking awesome
  • Avatar for OLdirtyBacon
    awesome band, so glad I found these guys
  • Avatar for MultiverseMann
    Bloom! Their Best album to Date! jUST aMAZING
  • Avatar for Aetheraeon
    Just got Bloom in the post. So excited, aarghh!
  • Avatar for AlEjAnDrO-xHz
    Into the white Jim's voice really from outer space.
  • Avatar for ManOfMuchMetal
    Check out my full, in-depth review of the brand new album, 'Bloom':
  • Avatar for J2326
    Keen as fuck for "Bloom"! Loved TT,TF&RE. Moments is still at the top for me
  • Avatar for J2326
    For anyone interested, and for those who enjoy Aussie music, and Alt Rock + Folk thrown in for good measure. Melbourne band 'Engine Three Seven' are looking to release their debut full length with their Pozible campaign just $2100 left from their target of $8000 to raise by this Friday 28 Aug AEST. If you're interested you can catch the details here or suss out and see what ya think. Cheers
  • Avatar for Henkkles
    16.10.2015 hell yeah our prayers were answered :D
  • Avatar for MultiverseMann
    Third album pls (2)
  • Avatar for Henkkles
    Third album pls
  • Avatar for Cyraxon
    My one of two favorite bands now . Leprous and this guys it's what i need to live on.
  • Avatar for Henkkles
    Absolutely brilliant band.
  • Avatar for Sixers-kun
    This band is really impressive. I can't believe that I've never of these guys before. Awesome stuff.
  • Avatar for berocha
    my babies ♡
  • Avatar for Riddlesoftricks
    Absolutely in love with their music…what a lovely discovery. :)
  • Avatar for deeperthewound
    I hear a lot of Fair to Midland and Opeth with a little bit of Tool and I like it. Great vocals.
  • Avatar for TerraeFilius
    И кстати. Всех девчат с праздничком! ;)
  • Avatar for TerraeFilius
    Настоящие темповики парни. Хочется переслушивать их раз, за разом. Вообще, сейчас Австралийцы, заделались воскресителями прог-мета. Стабильный. качественный продукт от Karnivool & Dead Letter Circus, не перестает приятно радовать.
  • Avatar for Austriaal
    Pretty much the best band from Brissy going atm.
  • Avatar for thiago_japa
    Awesome band!
  • Avatar for rat_aks
    Very happy of finding this band out. Awesome stuff.
  • Avatar for grid15
    Where the hell is this fabulous new album I keep hearing about?!
  • Avatar for Shtusha666
    Love :)
  • Avatar for Komodog
    New album is sick as fuck <3 potential AotY contender. Into the White is just adjsbisbgisegesw
  • Avatar for lukabruka
    Amazing new album, highly creative and fresh, love the 70s parts without having to sound retro or imitating!
  • Avatar for The_dglgmut13
    The Tide, the Thief & River's End is super rad!
  • Avatar for MadmaNau
    Aussie Prog Metal certainly has it's own identifiable sound. Cog/Karni/Caligula etc.
  • Avatar for DDevilized
    that last riff in Dark Hair Down
  • Avatar for inkubux
    The Tide, the Thief & River's End, is so good. can't stop listening
  • Avatar for iPowder
    The Tide, the Thief & River's End: Quite the fckn album! Been waiting for this for a while now! The band keeps getting better with each release! \m/
  • Avatar for The_dglgmut13
    Dark Hair Down is mega sick, super stoked for the full length!!!
  • Avatar for J2326
    The new album will be released October 1st. Get Keen motherfuckers!! :)
  • Avatar for J2326
    CH have just released the Video for the New single "Dark hair Down" and suss out this link for a free download for it, ,available for free for the next 7 days, so i urge all who visits this page to get it while it's fucking Hot!!
  • Avatar for J2326
    Dark Hair Down is so fucking good! This album's already gonna be a top contender for 2013
  • Avatar for inkubux
    Discovered this band last week, and i'm already in the Top listeners. I can't wait for the new album, fortunately the wait won't be to long for me. Awesome band.
  • Avatar for xVictimOfADownx
    Can't fucking wait for the new album!
  • Avatar for murder_thedance
    Interview with Sam Vallen from Caligula's Horse:
  • Avatar for J2326
    The New and upcoming album is called - The Tide, The Thief & Rivers End. Release date shouldn't be too far away. Album Samples -
  • Avatar for J2326
    Vanishing Rites Music Video -
  • Avatar for J2326
    Moments From Ephemeral City was one of my Top 10 albums last year with "The City Has No Empathy" one of my top fav songs of the same year. Absolutely blown away from everything these guys have put out so far. Sam's guitar work is nothing short of Amazing and i've been a fan of Jim's vocals since first hearing his band Arcane a few years ago. When i first found out these guys were an Australian band, i was already sold, then i find out who the vocalist is, aaaand Checkmate! Could't have been more convinced that i was about to witness something special.


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