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  • Avatar for Kuklusclan
    Dark Psy project : Kashis
  • Avatar for alefspfc
  • Avatar for mateqf90
    Thru The Glass goes HARD!
  • Avatar for lgdashapt
    what up folk........lg dash apt
  • Avatar for PaulHumenyuk
    Mind on Money
  • Avatar for Sakeus
    Loose Cannon!
  • Avatar for twokot
    Last Dayz epic
  • Avatar for Jani90
    one of the best rappers ever
  • Avatar for LowiMinh
    Hidden brother of Ke$hawarma?
  • Avatar for Luky7
    this is some retarted chicken
  • Avatar for Dizzy_Dogg
    Free Internet! Fight Against ACTA: LastFM Group:
  • Avatar for Finess101
    Just Like Me and Lac Motion are my joints.
  • Avatar for dondeinvertir
  • Avatar for Young_Legend187
    That nigga a gangsta! [2]
  • Avatar for Terror581
    That nigga a gangsta!
  • Avatar for tonysong7906
  • Avatar for supermarlin
  • Avatar for shitscud
    Current pic makes it looks like he's throwing up powdered cum. Not as cool-looking as they thought.
  • Avatar for celer2008
    Someone who actually cares for his music (I'm not it) should correct his bio up in here. It would seem as if "The Art of Dying" was not released in September 2009 (this is also the reason why artist bios shouldn't contain the word "will").
  • Avatar for PhotonicJuice
    Where you at?!
  • Avatar for Kucyk__
  • Avatar for HyPocRiiSy this should be the main....
  • Avatar for HyPocRiiSy
    039 to 227
  • Avatar for mKucha
    Please lisen to this! Thank you!!
  • Avatar for shaggychulo1
    O yeah he is aweome
  • Avatar for mystery_skate
    pistol poppppppin
  • Avatar for JcA92
    nfinite2: Just because it has more plays doesn't mean it's right. Example; Ghostface Killah & The Notorious B.I.G.
  • Avatar for giannis123
    Yo guys! Anyone who likes this will love this hardcore gangsta rap I took a lot of influence from many sources so i hope everyone enjoys the video! Thanks people keep groovy ........ = ) ( =
  • Avatar for kaban_oooo
    Ms. Jenkins is some good storytelling [2]
  • Avatar for Asennevammainen
    [url=]Vote this picture[/url]
  • Avatar for Asennevammainen
    it is Ca$his...
  • Avatar for aanorr
    lastfm think it's right but on cd's, clothes and logos its ca$his so i will keep tagging him as ca$his
  • Avatar for Infinite2
    Right tag is Cashis, there's more plays.
  • Avatar for Infinite2
    His EP released in 2007, which featured Ms. Jenkins, Pistol Poppin' etc., was pretty good, but after that I haven't heard a lot of good stuff by him.
  • Avatar for Hiercho
    Ms. Jenkins is some good storytelling
  • Avatar for Thaloopyest
    Agreed \/
  • Avatar for hypnotizemuzic
    not a great lyricist but his laid back flow goes wit the sick tight beat on "Just Another Day" Shady Capo ...We Outta Here !
  • Avatar for Infinite2
    he's pretty bad
  • Avatar for Young_Hootie
    gun rule is amazing man
  • Avatar for introseptic
    damn eminem is a dope producer
  • Avatar for aaronWHAT
    i love the fuckin beats, man. wicked rapper azwell
  • Avatar for rhoffmanjr
    I just listened to County Hood and was a really surprised about how awesome it was; I didn't like too mch of his stuff on the Re-Up, but this was pretty damn good.
  • Avatar for TuNa_DriNk
    those beats off "Loose Cannon - The Cut Off" are terrible -.- what a waste of his talent
  • Avatar for aanorr
    check out new ca$his song. One of his best!
  • Avatar for aanorr
    ca$his neends another beatmaker coz rikanatt sux as hell. finally ca$his made song with royce and the beat is nearly impossible to listen ;|
  • Avatar for aanorr
    finally everythin is cool between Royce da 59 and Ca$his. new hot shit from Ca$his feat. Royce!
  • Avatar for _tsk_
    Join [group]Screw 50 Cent Haters[/group] Group!
  • Avatar for Maza1987
    i didnt 'choose' the source. That really is his official webstie forum
  • Avatar for ullemusic
    ole85k, maza is right thats ca$his official site, its linked on his myspace...
  • Avatar for ole85k
    maza, if that page you posted is cashis' official page, then how come it hasnt been updated since august of 07. and that whole site has about 50 members total. not exactly the best source to choose...


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