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  • Avatar for campbell-davitt
    Dracula is Only the Beginning is one of my favorite albums right now. It kinda reminds me of The Virgin's first album.
  • Avatar for bgk90
    I like these guys
  • Avatar for DorsalVentral
    any hard copy of your music I cant get? tapes maybe?
  • Avatar for clubanddeform
    there's some japanese pop punk band with the same name on spotify.
  • Avatar for nigel_vs_shark
  • Avatar for nigel_vs_shark Balooooooooooo. Bear necessitiesssssssss.
  • Avatar for MyHeadOnAPlate
    I got those eps for free sahn, all day namsaying
  • Avatar for MyHeadOnAPlate
    i fuck with ittttt
  • Avatar for lazydaisy333
    'yes' dracula is ony the beginning. so weird :)
  • Avatar for kwokwokwo
    в шопе
  • Avatar for Irenreinmerdok
    I Am You (original) !!
  • Avatar for Pseudomancer
  • Avatar for Gleebb
    Ну скажите же мне, где они взяли обложку для ипишки!
  • Avatar for alexnau
  • Avatar for Jota66
    I'll beg Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona for a Coolrunnings gig!!!
  • Avatar for babiesinblack
    When you find a drummer, come to Boston, too!
  • Avatar for brandonbiondo
    We're trying to find a drummer atm, but when we do Berlin would be a dream. Was my favorite in all of Europe. We will hopefully be touring again in the next 6 months, don't know how long before we go to europe though. Thanks so much!
  • Avatar for snah_
    Seriously, i love you guys so much, i listen to you every day on the train to work and most of the time im at work and then most of the way home. I check your last fm regularly to see if maybe youve started touring but... yet to happen. :) any idea when you might come to berlin?
  • Avatar for brandonbiondo
    we sampled it, yeah.
  • Avatar for Nuffasaurussex
    well the melody in the song CHORUS is a complete rip/cover of the song Ayalqem Tèdènqo by Alèmayèhu Eshèté
  • Avatar for gabe_tchat
  • Avatar for EricOfSyracuse
    Try to imagine a place that you wouldn't feel scared
  • Avatar for theeviltenor
    seems pretty cool. been diggin' on dracula horse for sure.
  • Avatar for logankmcmanus
  • Avatar for linnguo
  • Avatar for Maxuss
  • Avatar for alligatorindian
    we're similar artists to Coolrunnings! check us: [artist]Alligator Indian[/artist]
  • Avatar for Fat__Rabbit
    love coolrunnings
  • Avatar for nigel_vs_shark
    "Fort Kid" rules.
  • Avatar for nigel_vs_shark
    The new album is great, "Fort Kid" is one of the best things they've done yet [2]
  • Avatar for edgyswngsetacid
    The new album is great, "Fort Kid" is one of the best things they've done yet
  • Avatar for Stijner
    Fine new tunes!
  • Avatar for brandonbiondo
    Another new song...
  • Avatar for brandonbiondo
    New song...
  • Avatar for rnrdt
    Okay guys, I have come to the conclusion that 'I Am You' is a perfect composition of music. I can't find any faults in it.
  • Avatar for rnrdt
    C'est lentement
  • Avatar for alligatorindian
    radical. come over to Asheville and we'll play with ya
  • Avatar for nigel_vs_shark
  • Avatar for Paul_Von_Aphid
    sounds like post-punk/industrial revival though, somewhere close to Factory Floor in my mind.
  • Avatar for Paul_Von_Aphid
    awesome band, i must say
  • Avatar for staywaivy
    New lp is great
  • Avatar for CallMeCthulhu
    Loving the new album guys. Only thing though is I wish you'd kept the massive amounts of reverb on Chorus. That's part of what made the song! Still an awesome song though. And I'm glad to find Burnout on the LP. One of my favorites.
  • Avatar for gaz_
    pretty solid
  • Avatar for Stijner
    Hope you guys can plan a tour in Europe (and come to Belgium), really stoked 'bout the new album!
  • Avatar for alexnau
    i want 2 screw u up
  • Avatar for MWhipple
    fuck me the dracula lp is another gem. great fingerblasting music.
  • Avatar for brandonbiondo
    These aren't the same versions that were previewed. They are mixed differently/mastered and are complete songs now. Thanks though dawg.
  • Avatar for AlternateRaiL
    The album's rad, its quality is marred only by the fact that you've already previewed about half of it already. Well worth the $5 though any way you slice it.
  • Avatar for brandonbiondo
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