• Tearing the Winterking apart, Part 1.

    6 Jun 2008, 00:24 by da_apz

    Like I said in my earlier entry, Talvikuningas is an album that really deserves an entry of its own. However, it differs from the earlier CMX albums in that it's actually one story, although it's chopped into several pieces and it does change the narrator and time in each track.

    I've talked about this album with several people, with many of them rambling in the dark when it comes to understanding the actual story. I don't claim to know the Ultimate Truth(tm), but I believe I have re-arranged the pieces to see some kind of an image of how things are in the Talvikuningas' world. After expressing my views in several conversations, I've gotten lots of "wow, I haven't thought of that"-kind of comments, so maybe this will also help you to figure out new things of this album. If not, please comment and share your visions.

    This post will be a two-parter, with the first part giving you translations to all of the lyrics, then the actual interpretation. …
  • My journey with CMX

    21 Jan 2008, 21:19 by da_apz

    I think I first ran into CMX back in 1997, visiting a friend who was a great fan of the band. Back then my friend was listening to Discopolis and was waiting for his copy of Cloaca Maxima. I considered CMX to be okayish, but didn't really dig it enough to get a copy for a private listen. Some time later Vainajala was released, and it was the first album that really caught my interest. Everybody else seemed to have a hard-on for the album's name song - Vainajala, my favorite was Vierasta Viljaa. This time I made a copy of the album, and I may be the very first person in finland, who dumped the album into MP3's as my friend got the album a day before it was officially released :) I listened Vainajala a lot, and eventually bought an honest copy of the album.

    During the years, I've bought the new albums as they've been released. Every now and then I've also bought some of the earlier ones aswell. Last tuesday I finally got the last 3 missing albums; the gold versions of Kolmikärki Gold and Veljeskunta Gold