• 25,000 scrobbles

    Lug 28 2008, 14:39 di squigglycircle

    Right. I have now scrobbled 25,091 entrie on last.fm since since 26 June 2006. I tried to get the 25,000th scrobble to be as random as possible so I could write a random journal entry about it. Therefore I chose to stop listening at work at 24,999 scrobbles (Pelasta Maailma), come home, update my ipod shuffle and thanks to isproggle's random firing of entries into the last.fm database, take the one that went in first. And the winner is...

    Absoluuttinen nollapiste - Lue tarina, osta puku, opi tanssi

    Which is funny, because I've only recently got into appreciating Abso, and especially this song. It now appears the song was written on my 16th birthday, so bonus points for that coincidence.

    The song is - apparently - about someone falling into an open grave at a funeral on the same day as a wedding. The protagonist is buried there, eventually coming up as a ghost (that's just my interpretation). All in a happy tune. Which is what makes at least these early 0K songs such pure genius. …
  • Well whatta hell, let's take a look what I've been listening to

    Giu 8 2008, 12:33 di trumanb

    At the time of writing this I've been here in Last.fm 3 years and 7 months and I've listened 75,293 tracks.

    I'll never start hating or disliking any of the bands or artists which I like. I'll never get bored to any band I've been liking. I only discover new bands after new bands so my personal music scene only becomes larger and larger (mmmm... laaager). That might be cause of that I'll never listen to one album twice in a row. I'm quite systematic. But eh... Let's take an overall look of my top 10.

    First of all, every band hails from Finland. Yay. Only two bands are using English as a singing language. Three of the bands has quit. Three bands has only three letters on their name. Not any femalebands and only one band with female vocalist. That tells a lot, huh?

    1. Leevi and the Leavings (2,399 plays)
    Can't really tell when I first time heard song from Leevi and the Leavings. They were played in radio a lot propably even back then when I was born. …
  • Accuracy of My Top Ten Artists

    Feb 21 2008, 1:07 di Ainurel

    Fill out the following template for your top 25 artists:

    Template for each artist:
    First song you heard:
    Favourite song:
    Favourite album:

    TWENTYFIVE! - I think not. Let's make do with ten.

    Bessie Smith

    First song you heard: Damn, do people remember these things? I have not the faintest idea. Still, I discovered the Empress of the Blues only a few years ago. Could be Downhearted Blues.
    Favourite song: Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer
    Favourite album: Do Your Duty
    Accuracy: She has been competing with Laibach for the top position for a long time. I have a lot of songs from each, so perhaps it's not very accurate. I don't feel like I listen to her songs so much. She just seems to fit in well into all my playlists =)

    First song you heard: Leben Heisst Leben
    Favourite song: Germania
    Favourite album: Jesus Christ Superstars or NATO
    Accuracy: Yeah, Laibach rules.

    First song you heard: Suojelusenkeli
  • Swufflez!

    Set 2 2007, 13:35 di Cleofedebeam

    The next time you stand up in front of a group of people, you'll say:
    Song: Menneen talven lumet
    Artist: Antti Tuisku
    Comment: "Snow from winters lost" ... exactly!

    Your favorite thing to say when drunk is:
    Song: Hyperventilation
    Artist: Apocalyptica
    Comment: Astma attack coming on!

    Your message to the world:
    Song: Yritä ymmärtää
    Artist: Antti Tuisku
    Comment: "Try to understand" I like that message!

    Your deepest secret:
    Song: Vierelläsi
    Artist: Antti Tuisku
    Comment: "Beside you" Well, it is... but not se secret anymore

    Your innermost desire:
    Song: Kaikki mitä mä annoin
    Comment: "Everything I gave was left with you and I can't find you anymore". I actually want that??? I'm a twisted M*f... :)

    Somewhere in your wedding vows, you'll include:
    Song: Pretending
    Artist: Him
    Comment: Oh I hope not!!!!!!! LOL

    On your deathbed, you'll whisper:
    Song: Hiljaisuus
    Artist: Antti Tuisku
    Comment: "Silence" Oh that is beautiful...
  • Analyzing my top 20

    Dic 13 2006, 0:55 di trumanb

    Well, "analyzing" might be bit wrong word 'cause usually my "analyzing" consists only words like "Great", "Amazing", "Fucking great", and so on... But here are my top 20 dated December 13th 2006 and I'm, if not analyzing but at least telling them. :)

    #1 Leevi and the Leavings
    Gösta was one of the greatest lyricist in Finland. It's shame that he died too early. You're not really a Finn if you don't know Leevi and the Leavings. One may say that you're not even a Finn if you haven't heard at Teuvo, maanteiden kuningas But of course most of the people knows only the hit songs (including Teuvo). They should really go and listen to some of the less-known songs 'cause in my opinion they rock (pop?) even more than the hit songs.

    #2 Apulanta
    Apulanta is my longtime attraction. Of course I didn't know them from back 1991. First song I heard from them was the smash hit Anna mulle piiskaa... But! I disliked it then. I was (I think) at 4th or 5th grade and I was child and I was stupid. …