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  • Avatar for colderskin
    thank you CKY for that one riff you did before a sniper took you out
  • Avatar for VerbalImaginary
    I'm pretty excited about both versions of CKY, Deron is cool and so is Chad.
  • Avatar for HoxtonTom
    Too bad there aren't any bonus tracks or unreleased songs on the remastered Vol 1. Seems like everything they've ever recorded has been released in some way and that's kind of a bummer. Always hoped for an(other) album of demos, random throwaways and maybe some live tracks and more prank calls like they did with Vol 2. I've always wondered if they had stuff lying around from the time between recording An Answer Can Be Found and Carver City. There's gotta be more recordings of them fucking around too.
  • Avatar for Deathvein
    Ok, NOW it's been officially announced. Turns out the remaster was handled by Tom Volpicelli. It's being stocked in a bunch of US stores, and should be online in the 'coming days' for all us foreigners. Also might be worth mentioning that Deron plans on self-releasing his own version of the vinyl, but I'd be pretty wary of that, given his recent track record.
  • Avatar for Deathvein
    Urban Outfitters are releasing Volume 1 on coloured vinyl for the first time ever, with a brand new remaster by Chad and Jess. Hasn't officially been announced yet, but some US stores broke the street date. Hopefully more info soon!
  • Avatar for Tha_Souljah
    Great band [2]
  • Avatar for TallicLizzy
    Great band
  • Avatar for lionhrt316
    new CIG ALBUM if you haven't gave it 2-3 listens yet UBETA
  • Avatar for Izhorian
    There would be no Jackass without CKY :3
  • Avatar for oooBUBU7ooo
    I find the path Deron has taken a bit sad in a way... for years he dug in his basement to find stuff to sell that he refused to publish before CKY's end, last year he decided that he wants to make music again and announced something like three albums. I really like CKY but it seems to me that he just tried to avoid getting a job for all these years, like if he can't make music without making a living out of it... oh well, hope Foreign Objects' new album will be as cool as he says.
  • Avatar for Amadis33
    I hear fisrt time ever this song in jackass, when Weeman is Skating as Dwarf of Willy Wonka
  • Avatar for fylledal
    Hi! I did a cover of "Escape from hellview" in death metal. Cky has always been an inspiration of all my life so this is kind of a tribute
  • Avatar for unwovnd
    @TwoZeroOne I've never even listened to 96QBB, I used to have IDR and ACBF. 6th grade, what a awkward time for me.
  • Avatar for synmesjasza
    Resident Evil Apokalipsa Soundtrack YEAH!!!!
  • Avatar for TwoZeroOne
    I think everyone should give Carver City a listen. There's some great riffs on there and it really is a unique sounding album. It's a shame that everyone only knows them by 96 because they have so many songs that are better.
  • Avatar for Diamhea
    It's nice to see Deron reactivating Foreign Objects, and World Under Blood kicked loads of ass, but cKy should come first - eternally.
  • Avatar for ooh_boy
    @tristan_2468 they're anything but one hit wonder!
  • Avatar for tristan_2468
    Jeez, how much ahead is 96... in the number of listens? Shame, cause this band is awesome - they're not just about that one song!
  • Avatar for Xynth69
    great band, unfortunately known by very few
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów CKY
  • Avatar for KsushaIgorevich
    Escape from Hellview ♥
  • Avatar for MonstermanMFR
    CKY – Infiltrate•Destroy•Rebuild Review:
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    I'm staying hopeful for some sort of news in the near future
  • Avatar for VerbalImaginary
    Any word on a tour?
  • Avatar for VladEfrem
  • Avatar for lionhrt316
    always excited to hear new material
  • Avatar for OptimusDan
    CKY 2014
  • Avatar for Hari_Maia
    Good! ;)
  • Avatar for raimorrison
    Criminally underrated [2]
  • Avatar for Dethsean
    Criminally underrated
  • Avatar for DeaconFrostTF2
    Always great to hear some CKY ;]
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    I wouldn't get my hopes up too much. Deron's statement was douchey and I have a feeling he's going to start the band back up by himself.
  • Avatar for Ivansxm
    Flesh into Gear!
  • Avatar for olin97
    Good to hear that Deron is back with CKY
  • Avatar for Bicycle-Racer
    TwoZeroOne, agreed, it's a great album! Awesome riffs, melodies and atmosphere.
  • Avatar for TwoZeroOne
    Carver city is under appreciated. Just revisited it after a few years and I still love it as much as before.
  • Avatar for velvet_zombie
    one of the best bands [2]
  • Avatar for SoldiersOfFilth
    Great to hear Deron is reforming cKy :D
  • Avatar for thefirehairman
    I'm a fucking huge fan of cKy (see my scrobbles, you'll see) and yes I agree, Afterworld is kind of garbage, the pre-chorus riff is kind of nice, but that's it. Even if cKy is dead, I'm happy I can listen to all these great songs anytime I want. Still disappointed to see that 96QBB is the most popular song, so far from being the best. Deron's acoustic album is coming soon though, should be ... fun to listen to.
  • Avatar for leshrac93
    Attached At The Hip - best :D
  • Avatar for ooh_boy
    one of the best bands
  • Avatar for musicsdope
    Before cannot be retrieved
  • Avatar for OLdirtyBacon
    I hope deron comes back someday
  • Avatar for ikd-sj
    [Attached At The Hip] BEAUTIFUL ( 0ω0)
  • Avatar for 2crue4you
    i can dig it , like the new sound
  • Avatar for RockWorshipper
    Where can I get the new song?
  • Avatar for white_fuzz
    Afterworld is amazing! :D
  • Avatar for panterdeet
    man, afterworld is fucking garbage.
  • Avatar for omgmangojuice
    CKY without Deron's guitar work alone is going to end up making the band sound like bland mainstream rock. [2]
  • Avatar for wlaXrbl
    Oh, and if you want to send me an pn or a shout what you think or if you have some recommendations, feel free to contact me. thanks.


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