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Approximately thirty-four min after C.C. Jones put his lips to the mic to record his first song, the power in the Northeastern United States and Lower Canada shut down for twenty -nine hours.

Occurrences like these would prove to be "not out of the regular" for Jones.

Growing up in southern Mississippi, C.C. perfected his craft by hanging out in juke joints, blues clubs and grocery stores. It wasn't so much that Jones was studying the musicianship of these players, it was more about, well he would say "the women and the booze," but we'll call it experiencing all (he thought) southern life had to offer.

"Right around the age of I dunno say twenty-two er twenty-three I fell on hard times. I was livin' in the Lincoln, and none of my women were havin' it."

C.C. lived in his car for a good part of the late nineties. "Thought I might move to the city durin' those times but then I listened to Lynyrd Skynyrds "I'm a country boy�? You see I had an 8 track in the Lincoln, well I heard that song and I changed my mind�?hell, it changed my life…I guess it was that very same night, when I first decided to put pen to paper. I wrote" "MURDERIN’ HEATHEN," that night .Yup, wrote it right there in the Lincoln usin' the light of the glove compartment.

My main girl Sally, was the first to read it. She said it was "cute" what I wanted to do, really, was belt her one, but I kissed her instead."

Sally must have seen something in those lyrics and in C. C. himself. After that night she asked him to move in with her.

"Being with her at that time was good. It was REAL good for about 3 weeks. I wrote "If YOU LEFT ME" me during that time. ( I ) used her guitar and tape machine, guess you could say I wrote it for her."

C.C. is reluctant to acknowledge the fact that Sally was the one to convince him to perform his songs live. It was at a frequent haunt of his called the "BULLET BAR", that Jones took the stage for the first time. He opened up with "IF YOU LEFT ME" and he dedicated it to "the one who let me borrow her guitar" he pointed to Sally.

By the end of the second verse the jeers and laughter from his friends quickly subsided. C.C. followed it up with “MURDERIN HEATHEN "Well I guess you could say the drink started flowin' again and in a way I guess C.C. Jones was born."

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