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  1. Gonorrhea Pussy is a goregrind band from Nürnberg, Germany founded in 2004.

    Current line-up:

    High-Speed-Cum-Sniper – Vocals

  2. A goregrind band from Mexico. Their name comes from the Carcass song "Oxidised Razor Masticator."

  3. Autophagia was a goregrind/noisecore one-man band from Greece active from 1997 to 2006.

    Autophagia releases:
    - 1998: Anatomical Septicemia demo…

  4. S.M.E.S. is a project of Erwin de Groot (ex-Last Days Of Humanity). After the split-up of Last Days Of Humanity this could be considered as his…

  5. Spermswamp are a band from Beloeil, Quebec. Their sound combines grindcore with electronic elements. Spermswamp have appeared on numerous split…

  6. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  7. PornoGoreGrind band from Russia.
    Sergei "Minister Of Furniture" : Bass
    Nicklay : Drums
    Oleg "Kot-Pilun" : Vocals, Guitar

  8. Before Amoebic Dysentery got involved in community service, they were enrolled in a junior school for specials from where they had released their…

  9. Pigto is a Death Metal/Goregrind band from Acapulco, Mexico formed in 2004.
    Bienvenido a Coitolandia Demo, 2004
    Depravada Sexual …

  10. Goreanus are a goregrind/porngrind band from St. Petersburg, Russia.

    Their new EP is called "Недоброжелательное онанирование".

  11. The infamous story of NAMEK begins in 1998, when Simão (ex-GROG, ex-SISTEMATIC COLLISION, ex-THE INVERTEBRATE, MARTELO NEGRO) and Vitor Mendes…

  12. Pigtails is a slamming porno goregrind band from Mexico.

  13. Band: Stickoxydal
    Style: Goregrind
    Where: Belarus

    Current line-up:
    Cutlass – guitar
    Nicotine – bass
    Carno – vox
    Tonsil – vox
    Krust – drums…

  14. Necro Tampon formed almost a year before the first actual rehearsal and recording.

    It originally started when Matt was wanting to start a tampon…

  15. Bitch Infection is a Pornogrind band from Germany.

  16. Sordid Clot is a Russian goregrind band.

  17. Cyber Porngrind band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. US.

    SMES, Gut, Libido Airbag, C.A.R.N.E., Red Hot Piggy Pussys, Psychosadistic Haterapist,…

  18. PornGoreGrind band from Mexico City.

  19. Kots is a dutch digital goregrind band formed in 2004, featuring Erwin from S.M.E.S. and Jores from Rompeprop.


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