• My Eurosonic 2014

    22 Jan 2014, 21:37 by Tecfan

    Wed 15 Jan – Eurosonic Noorderslag

    Posij: a little awkward audience, but wild drops. maybe the drops are too close, so the buildups are lost during the mixing of two tracks.

    Daithi: not as groovy as Disclosure, not the deepest rhythms, and dat violin tho. but still a really good show, cool place (Spiegel).

    Embers: Perfect post-rock. Those good, fast guitars, and those perfect vocal harmonies on top. Nice.

    Compact Disk Dummies: energetic. insane epileptic light show, definitively an original sound, people loved it and i liked it.

    Electric Litany: first a long queue outside, then a queue to get into the Grand Theater Up stage. Band was a mixture of post-rock and more mellow stuff. Normally i dislike mellow music, but this was alright.

    OYAMA: fantastic as usual, have seen them 4 or 5 times before. The mostly played new songs, only 1 from the EP. I do like the EP material best, more shoegazy. Also talked with the band for the first time, possibly booking them for some Norway shows.