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  • Avatar for worst_astronaut
    waiting at Outline 2016
  • Avatar for man_must_die
    Plastic Star ♥
  • Avatar for vybik
    byetone's third solo full-length album, »universal music«, will finally see its release on raster-noton in 2016
  • Avatar for subalien
    I think, I need a New Album from him! Symeta, been out for almost 4 years already.
  • Avatar for 29noangel
    Capture this.
  • Avatar for noob_foo
    German precision, this guy :D
  • Avatar for dallinkapp
  • Avatar for DMITRII_GHETTO
    пластиковая звезда люто вкатила
  • Avatar for Danial_vedadi
    mother of minimal (y) ... thumbs up bro
  • Avatar for nobble_you
    o yeah, a photo with a boy from the best russian band i think
  • Avatar for Esgibtmichnicht
    Really intense live. Don't miss him, if you get the chance. [2]
  • Avatar for connect_icut
    Really intense live. Don't miss him, if you get the chance.
  • Avatar for hunkydoris
    Symeta is flawless
  • Avatar for DavidM_
    Seriously good.
  • Avatar for ausweglosigkeit
    you blew my mind.
  • Avatar for the_Crowder
    Symeta was a well-deserved Bleep AOTY.
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    Symeta is great yeah, not disappointed with it. none of tracks reach the level of Plastic Star but hey, that's a pretty big thing to ask for anyway huh
  • Avatar for KinderTraum
    Symeta! *_________*
  • Avatar for zwoboter
    minimal at it's best. love it!
  • Avatar for DISK-CTM
    Byetone will play [event=3102266]CTM.12 Festival[/event]
  • Avatar for Insightn
    Opal is a great track though
  • Avatar for connect_icut
    What he said, basically.
  • Avatar for connect_icut
    Symeta is great!
  • Avatar for gabrieldeluxe
    Symeta is gr8
  • Avatar for Icros
  • Avatar for subalien
    No way, Symeta is Brilliant and it looks like Bleep think so too. No.1 Album for 2011.
  • Avatar for Edutainment
    anyone, uh, a little disappointed by symeta? "Opal" is really the only track I come back to....
  • Avatar for Jan_Karol_Wayda
    G̸̡͉̙̫̻̺̝͉̣̩͕͍̓͑̈̒̆̀ͅlitchr̸̥̰͙͈͖͇̹͇͓̮͕̦͍͎̬̭͕̅̎̑̌̏̉̃̌̔͊͑̂ͣ̿̈͆ ̌̚̕
  • Avatar for subalien
    the last track on Symeta, Golden Elegy. Would someone be kind enough to translate what the guy is saying? any thing important? been curious about it!
  • Avatar for gee4ge
    @Joedouken: imagine the show @berghain last weekend: atom, bretschneider, noto, kanding ray were all great but byetone was the best!
  • Avatar for Joedouken
    Symeta is such a crazy release. I was even blown away by it listening on terrible laptop speakers.
  • Avatar for contezero2k6
    Opal is huge. I really like it. Very good surprise. I admit that i din't knew him. Now i have to find the Death of Typographer.
  • Avatar for Overcow
  • Avatar for nick_InZoMNiAC
    Black Peace from the new album (Symeta) is a masterpiece !
  • Avatar for searchfortech
    Symeta is awesome, GREAT stuff !!!!
  • Avatar for slidein
    "Telegramm" really good track!!!
  • Avatar for subalien
    Symeta, is absolutely MAD!
  • Avatar for richardgrant
    you can preview the entire Symta album on and download the preview if you are saavy ; )
  • Avatar for subalien
    New Album, out 31st Oct 2011. "SyMeta". details, here.
  • Avatar for Drakemirow
    I am listening to this way too late, pure awesomness.
  • Avatar for Zimmerman333
    Oh God
  • Avatar for subalien
    Both hs albums are Damn Good! Surprise, that he hasn't release a lot of music.
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    finally picked up Death of a Typographer. long overdue. album's fucking class all the way
  • Avatar for evil-even
    i like...
  • Avatar for boozec
    fucking sweet.
  • Avatar for bagushatesunday
  • Avatar for standardgrey
  • Avatar for mariacool
    Byetone live ftw. !!! :)
  • Avatar for lykotrafian
    it was good!
  • Avatar for KinderTraum
    i saw him last nite @ the Electric Campfire here in Rome and was cool!


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