• <33333333

    27 Jan 2008, 03:40 by Rainbow-Kaorii

    My Top Ten Arists Overall:

    1. AAA
    2. mihimaru GT
    3. Tackey & Tsubasa
    4. ai otsuka
    5. YUI
    6. Tommy february6
    7. Tommy heavenly6
    8. 中村中
    9. UVERworld
    10. L'Arc~en~Ciel

    What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    Lonely in Gorgeous

    What is your favourite album of 2?

    What is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?
    Ehh... I love RUIDO (xD)

    How many times have you seen 4 live?
    None, LOL.

    What is your favourite song by 7?

    What is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?
    I don't like L'Arc~en~Ciel ¬¬

    What is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung?

    What is your favourite song by 9?

    How did you get in to 3?
    Eh... Curiosity xD

    What was the first song you heard by 1?
    Let it beat! <3

    What is your favourite song by 4?

    How many time have you seen 9 live?

    What is a good memory you have concerning 2?

    Is there a song of 8 that makes you sad?

    What is your favourite album of 5?
  • First post!

    7 Aug 2007, 21:18 by Caphi

    So I've decided to start using this because I'm thoroughly bored. Lessee, apart from the generic Japanese stuff, it's probably clear from the songlist of mine that I'm a fan of Rockman EXE and Namco's Tales, also The Black Mages.

    So I went hunting for Huang YiDA stuff the other day, since a friend of mine gave me Zai Xian You Xi (Online Games) back in the school year and I had a random urge and a full afternoon on my hands. As it turns out, most of his stuff is actually really slow and mellow - not really my style at all. Chou Nan Ren isn't, but it's overly rappy and dark. So that failed, and I'm no songs ahead.

    Yesterday, Buzy's Ashita Haretara got stuck in my head. I don't know why, since I only listened to the song a few times, and that was months ago. I don't think I even have it now. I could get it from Atomic Fire, since it's on the Be Somewhere single, but their music downloads are locked. I'm downloading their album from JPopSuki, which contains the song…
  • I'm bored, so what the hell <3

    14 May 2006, 23:45 by Sakura54

    1) What are you listening to right now?
    - I'm listening to the music video of UVERworld's Colors of the heart

    2) What song makes you sad?
    - Sayonara Solitaire - Chiba Saeko
    - If I Ain't Got You - Alicia Keys
    - Saving Me - Nickelback
    - P!nk - Family Portrait
    - Selena's songs ><

    3) What is the most annoying song in the world?
    - 50 Cent's Candyshop

    4) Your all time favorite band?
    - I have sooo many~

    5) Your newly discovered band is?
    - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    6) Best female voice?
    - It's between Alicia Keys,Emily Bindger, and Gabriela Robin

    7) Best male voice?
    - Vile Valo, Hyde, and GACKT

    8) Music type you find yourself listening to most?
    - The charts say Bjork XD

    9) What do you listen to, to hype you up?
    - Yuki Kajiura or Yoko Kanno

    10) What do you listen to when you want to calm down?
    - Mariah Carey, Lia, Chihiro Onitsuka, S.E.N.S., and Bjork

    11) Last gig/concert you went to?
    - I never been to one =(