• Tuesday Ten: 90s [Part One]

    15 Apr 2008, 17:22 by amodelofcontrol

    A few weeks ago I covered ten of my favourite 80s albums. The 90s were the decade where I seriously got into music, and because of the disparate genres I listen to, there is simply no way that I can narrow this down to ten. So, my favourite albums of the 90s is split into two parts, and the second part will follow next Tuesday.

    And it is roughly split by genre, I guess. One part covers metal and industrial, and the other alternative and electro - I'm going to cover the latter this week.

    This is, of course, an entirely subjective list. The albums that are/were important to me are probably entirely different to others who read this, and to me that is half the fun of being into music - no-one's tastes are exactly the same. I've deliberately missed out a couple of the more obvious stuff as I've no doubt mentioned them before!

    Girls Against Boys
    House of GVSB
    Touch & Go
    For a while the darlings of the alt.rock press during the nineties…
  • Les set edats del rock: "Rock alternatiu" (1980-1994) -6è capítol-

    27 Mar 2008, 13:10 by sputnikTV

    Dijous 27, 23:55 a Sputnik -canal 33 (Televisió de Catalunya)-

    El sisè capítol de la sèrie "Les set edats del rock" arrenca a principis dels anys 80 amb les precàries gires del grup Black Flag i recorre el camí cap a l'èxit de Nirvana i R.E.M., els grups que van convertir el rock alternatiu en un fenomen de masses i van donar pas a Pearl Jam i Soundgarden.

    Els components de Nirvana, Pixies i R.E.M., a més de Henry Rollins i el productor de Nirvana, Butch Vig, són alguns dels entrevistats en aquest capítol, dedicat al rock alternatiu nord-americà.

    més informació a
  • gobsmacked

    4 Dec 2007, 06:14 by n3philimgirl

    Holy shit. So I went to this morning and started downloading some of the unreleased stuff that Trent Reznor posted up... There is a remix of Last by Butch Vig (bassist in Garbage, producer of many great albums including Nevermind and Siamese Dream) - totally fucking bad ass. It takes the same driving guitars from the self titled Garbage album and meshes them perfectly with Trent's vocals.

    That one track was enough reason for me to sign up for an account a the new remix site. The instrumental Year Zero tracks are pretty sweet too though....
  • Garbage Eyeing Mid-2008 To Start New Album

    12 Jul 2007, 23:58 by Anrky
    July 12, 2007, 1:10 PM ET
    Gary Graff, Detroit

    In the wake of the new "Absolute Garbage" collection, the members of Garbage are eyeballing mid-2008 to begin making their fifth album.

    "We're talking about it," drummer Butch Vig tells, adding that he expects the group to group to head in a markedly different stylistic direction than on its four previous releases.

    "If we want to continue making records," Vig explains, "we don't necessarily want to repeat ourselves and do that electronica/rock/hip-hop beats/pop melodies with noise and guitars ... however you would describe us. I think we're interested in making something that's much more sort of primal and stripped down."

    Vig says a model might come from the benefit Garbage played for ailing drummer Wally Ingram in California earlier this year, when the quartet played acoustic with a string section.

    "It was great, and the crowd went nuts," Vig recalls. …

    9 Jun 2006, 11:14 by hauserobrien

    Sonic Youth – Sonic Youth
    Ciccone Youth – The Whitey Album
    Thurston Moore – Psychic Hearts

    Sounds of dreams and nightmares destined to cause tidal waves of influence still felt twenty years later. The trademark sound? Dark repetitive guitar figures in obscure tunings (different guitar for every sound / song), complex drum patterns locked to a solid beat and driven by boy and girl vocals about (a) dead celebrities, (b) mean people or (c) alienation. Always with one eye on popular culture Sonic Youth firmly bring art to rock with unimpaired vision and longevity of purpose.

    The debut, naturally, sets an agenda. Tremendously radical at the time it still cuts ice. Its use of primitivism reflects the period (1982) and its anti-establishment nature exhibits the bravery of artists with total self-belief and nothing to lose. Sonic Youth celebrates the otherness of Sonic Youth. Its togetherness with the likes of Public Image Ltd (Burning Spear)…
  • Finally Bleeding Like You

    9 Apr 2006, 16:07 by dahnielson

    Despite being a big Garbage fan I didn't buy the latest album Bleed Like Me immediately when it was released. Mostly due to the fact that I'm currently living in the outback (at least speaking music-wise) so it wasn't exactly on the shelves. And then I simply forgot about it...

    But now I'm finally listening to it. And indeed, it's definitely more rockalicious and back to the roots than before. Great bare-bone production void of any obvious late night knob-twitching on behalf of Butch Vig & co.
  • 1983: A life-changing year in live music

    12 Mar 2006, 05:03 by popgurl

    Part 3 of my log of concerts attended in the 1980s, local bands removed unless they did well enough to have a link on lo these many years later. 1981 and 1982 were fun, very fun, but this is where it starts to get really interesting for me. I’m living in Madison Wisconsin and I’m about to embark on the best musical years of my life. If you missed my 1981 and 1982 entries, they’re in the journal.

    Elvis Brothers (4 times): fun Urbana local band, blah blah, friends, saw them a zillion times.

    Bow Wow Wow. They had kind of peaked a couple of years earlier with ‘I Want Candy’ and were almost retro by ’83, but it was still neat to see them a second time.

    Spooner. Madison band. Butch Vig on drums, see 1982 entry if you want to know more.

    Gang of Four. Yeah, I saw the Gang of Four in 1983. That oughta buy me some Cool creds. Their guitar player was the most serious looking guy I’d ever seen on a stage and that’s the main memory I took with me.

  • 1982: My year in live music

    9 Mar 2006, 16:09 by popgurl

    Here’s installment #2 of my logs of live shows I saw in the 1980s. As before, I’m omitting the local bands no one knows anymore. Hope you enjoy the flashback. If you missed 1981, it's still there.

    The Elvis Brothers (17 times). As I wrote in the 1981 entry, these guys were fun friends of mine who played around town (Champaign-Urbana, Illinois) all the time.

    The Fleshtones. I hardly remember this show. Their singer was very animated and I dind’t really like them that much, though I think I saw them again a few years later anyhow.

    U2. A truly amazing show in an auditorium with about 1200 people. Bono marched around with a white flag and I was inspired. This was their October tour. I feel very lucky to have seen them so early.

    The Suburbs. Minneapolis band who were big in Madison (as a lot of Minneapolis bands were) where I ended up going to college 1982-1986. Didn’t like them much either, though they had that song “I like cows…