• ok so i am MAKING this a shuffle

    2 Apr 2007, 12:53 by codislove

    I got this survey on Myspace...but I decided to do it as a shuffle quiz! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I am so addicted. It sucks!


    Hi, my name is: The Happy Farmer
    hahaha I am the Happy Farmer! No, I have never been a farmer, that's just what my lameass parents called me! :D

    Never in my life have I been: A Little Time
    nopes, time is a rather abstract concept and so I have never 'been' time, that is safe to say!

    High school: If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out
    bah! I did sing with my friends, but it isn't always true! high school isn't always accepting of random singing! :(

    When I'm nervous: If You Were Here

    The last time I cried was: About a Girl
    hmmmm unless that little bird in the Kiwi video was a girl, I don't think so.

    My hair is: Ole Black Joe
    didn't I get this the last time I did a shuffle?! anyways, NO, my hair is not a dying man! NO NO NO!

    When I was 10: Accidental Babies
    OH DAMN NO!! I was too young to be doing things like that, NO!