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  1. This Band Fucking Rips!

    Buy Their Records, and Listen To Their Similar Artists.

    If You Dont Dig This Band You Probably Stick Erotic Things Up Your…

  2. Massachusetts Hardcore band signed to Rock Vegas Records. A new EP entitled Snitch will be released soon by Double Or Nothing Records. They have…

  3. There are two artists by the name of At All Costs

    1) A now defunct youth crew hardcore band from Wallingford, CT (2005-2007). Members of At All…

  4. Fast, pissed, punk. That pretty much sums up the first release by Rivalry's newest band, Red Handed. Reminiscent of the early 1980's California…

  5. Last Lights formed in Worcester, Massachusetts in the summer of 2007. Led by the late Dominic Mallary, the original lineup consisted of Jesse…

  6. There are multiple artists who use the name:

    1. A punk trio from Connecticut formed in the summer of 2007 from ex-members of The Solomon Plus. …

  7. Unforgiven is comprised of members of Dead Wrong, With Honor, and I Rise. Total ignorant mosh.

  8. 5 piece hardcore band from connecticut.

  9. Hardcore punk band from Boston featuring Mike McCarthy and Brian Scott of A Poor Excuse. Releases include Couldn't Give Two Shits About The…

  10. There are several bands named Rabies:

    1. Punk band from USA.
    2. Fastcore band from Czech Republic.
    3. Dutch punk band.
    4. Swedish punk band.

  11. Hardcore band from

  12. hardcore band from ct, DGAF.


  13. Stabyouintheheadandeatyourfaceoff is a three-person Connecticut Hardcore band. Thy ARE still a band with mihir from our final say and they…

  14. A punk rock band from Hull.

  15. Hudson Valley Hardcore. Influenced by Bad Brains, Burn, Inside Out and other bands you might like.

  16. 1. No Fun is a Fast Hardcore Punk band from Norwich UK, Formed in 2011. Their first EP came out in 2011 on MOSHTACHE RECORDS. They are set to…

  17. hardcore from miami.

  18. Hardcore band

    New Haven, Connecticut
    United States

    Band Members;
    Wes Threat - Front mang
    Brian- Guitar/Piano/Harpe
    Griff- Bass and…

  19. Warkrime were a somewhat controversial punk band from the Bay Area. Their sound has been compared to that of Articles of Faith and Septic…


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