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Bush Tetras

Can't Be Funky (2:40)


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  • dans dans dans tok tok tok
  • GPX
    True words!
  • This played straight after The Fall's Prole Art Threat. Sounds like Craig Scanlon's playing on this too.
  • I <3 That Bass 'n' Guitar Combo
  • another unsung hero
  • dance dance dance talk talk talk
  • You can't be funky if you haven't got a soul!
  • cant be fun kay
  • Classic indeed!!
  • classic
  • =)
  • athletic
  • can t be funky
  • :-)
  • and you can't be f****d if you haven't got a hole!
  • Dance Dance Dance Talk Talk Talk
  • yes!
  • you can't be funky if you haven't got a soul!
  • A great track....
  • This is great. I wish I'd been around NYC back then. Sadly I was 4 years old and on the wrong side of the atlantic in 1979.
  • I love this too. But I wish Last.FM had something else they ever streamed for the Tets.
  • i love this song.
  • dance, dance, dance
  • Definitely ripped off by Karen O. I always wondered when i saw Kill Your Idols and she came across like a gibbering valley girl idiot.
  • Reminds me of Karen O.
  • ....*♫♪ ♫♪ ♥♥♥
  • late night radio recording on cassette you can't be funky if you haven't got a soul
  • very good.
  • nice! from the beautiful basquiat film
  • This WAS the sound of the Lower East Side.
  • Great!
  • funky punk!
  • "You can't be funky if you haven't got a soul." Right on!
  • the walls are so thick that i can't even walk!
  • No mínimo espectacular!
  • fantastic
  • funky)
  • Sometimes all this romanticism around late 70s NYC is like, all Television leads and replaying scenes from "Please Kill Me" in your mind. And other times its a flash of an old Gildna Radner/SNL skit where her hair is all disheveled.
  • saw them live once. didnt help. like them anyway, theoretically
  • Dig!
  • coOl...
  • basquiat soundtrack
  • ...more and more..
  • Uy, Lydia Lunch… a estos Tetras no les conocía. Salud!
  • love it...more and more!
  • ★★★★ ~~~~~➤
  • funky funky funky funky yeah dance dance = ))
  • every song is the best song! POWER JOY HAPPINESS FAME!
  • This is the original groove. Dance dance dance !!!!


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