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  • Only ambient albums.
  • burZzum_666
  • Freemasons!
  • Thats ok. Sometimes I applied the cement by hands too.
  • Varg really is a strange fellow. It is basic that the cement should be applied with a hand trowel. What does he prove by applying the cement by hand?
  • Mother used to sing this before bed. Thank you for the flashback.
  • Za Stalina !
  • He just wants it to collapse when a lot of people will be inside
  • all the better to smash it afterwards wearing nothing but a viking helmet.
  • Apparently without foundations, and cheap concrete ...
  • How cute. He's building a synagogue.
  • All of them. Apparently you should check them out
  • **sounds like burzum to me** // That means you can neither count beyond two, nor recognize a slightly overdriven sound
  • Edgy.
  • **Only hipsters have nothing but black metal in their top 10 chart.** // "Hipster" is a bit wrong word here. It is not cool for hipsters to pay so much attention for metal. Hipsters mostly prefer boring spanking upon two slightly overdriven chords calling it a "taste".
  • **Varg doesn't know how to play bm very well** // Go fuck a horse imho
  • bur$um
  • **// No, it's called being a narrow minded cunt and only listening to black metal because it's underground and "ironically cool"...sounds very hipster-ish to me... **// No!
  • http://thuleanperspective.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/img_0939.jpg Varg the Builder.
  • **//Only hipsters have nothing but black metal in their top 10 chart. [2] Well said, sums it up perfectly.**// No. This is called personality and personal musical taste. \\
  • Three sloppy albums to the hipsters under the sky, Seven butthurt interviews to the trolls in their basements of stone, Nine decent tracks for the bm oldfags doomed to die, One controversial murder for the huge ego on the throne, One shoutbox to rule them all, One shoutbox to find them, One old meme to bring them all and in butthurt bind them.
  • Hipster$.
  • just stfu
  • This is for huh?! Wow!
  • Only hipsters have top 10 artists chart
  • anime avatars are trve
  • re-recording is selling out and generally not trve.
  • So what? Recently he re-recorded it once more, so probably he wasn't pleased with the Aske version anyway. One can polish his songs forever. The first shot works the best regardless of quality.
  • The re-recording of A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit is superior to the original in every way man.
  • Came to a thought that Aske ep would be astonishing if he'd left the first track, purged the un-needed re-recording of Sad Spirit along with that meh instrumental and placed homeless Et Hvitt Lys Over Skogen as the second track (it was recorded about a month later than Aske was anyway). Two fucking cool tracks both with a bit happy mood and no garbage.
  • sls
    leave no avatar unanimated
  • leave no colleague unstabbed
  • Leave no church unburned
  • Something is burning ... let s Troll n fucking Roll!
  • Eaaaaa!
  • Burzum the Movie!
  • Burzum is my favorite video game studio.
  • Top Burzum scrobbler of my friends is at 775 plays. Seems like my friends are ok and don't suck much. Have no idea why anyone would want to enlist me as a friend though. Probably to benefit from my brilliant charts, lol.
  • How to get from Burzum to the A*Teens in 10 songs: http://static.echonest.com/frog/?src=burzum&dest=a*teens
  • at least you have friends
  • sls
    "Friends who listen to Burzum" have no more than 7 plays, my friends suck.
  • Всё нормально. Варг как раз сетовал, что не стало эльфов и троллей и хотел своей музыкой вернуть им место в мире. С троллями у него неплохо получилось и думаю что он только рад, что в рупоре они плодятся и размножаются.
  • original hipster black metal
  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Depressive-Doom-Funeral-Dark-Ambient-Atmospheric-Black-Metal/322258827887943
  • This is huh... wait for it... wow!
  • Whack a Oystein would be a great arcade game.
  • Abbath!
  • He should name it Burzum and make Quorthon and Fenriz playable characters.
  • I get my khorne flakes fresh daily from the eye of terror yo, keep rollin dem dices dweebs.
  • Khorne Flakes ??


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