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    the color of money <3
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    Holy crap, what happened to Mat? Did he eat Myke Terry or what?
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    I wish these guys would just issue a statement on what their status is as a band. I know Matt is teaching, Slim is the touring guitarist in Bring Me The Horizon right now which is a big gig and they haven't really said if they planned on making him a permanent member or not, and we all should know Mark has been playing drums in Emmure for the past 2 years. These 3 guys make up the core of "Bury Your Dead", unfortunately Bubble has moved on to managing bands, he was always their best bassist. But, I really just wish they would make a statement about whether or not they will ever do another record & tour again or if this band is over and done with.
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    How could you want that guy back? Matt is Bury Your Dead. [2]
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    I love how this band had two good album with Myke Terry and Bury Your Dead fans just completely assaulted them, when they are the only two albums with any songwriting craft. Damn you Victory Records for kicking Myke out, there was semblance of dynamics with him.
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    Check their page on Hardcore Database
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    How could you want that guy back? Matt is Bury Your Dead.
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    I want Myke Terry back.
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    Seems like these dudes will never be in one space to record another record in awhile. Slim is playing in Bring Me The Horizon right now, Mark still drumming in Emmure if they even choose to record with him again, Chris is still with DevilDriver.. Honestly don't even know the dudes playing second guitar and bass or who does the live drumming.
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    'HURTING NOT HELPING' ever (๑◕∀◕๑)
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    These guys peaked with Matt on "Beauty And The Breakdown", with Mike they peaked on "It's Nothing Personal". It will be interesting to see where they go after Mosh'n'Roll. I love almost every BYD song tho. i usually mostly listen to "You Had Me At Hello".
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    Bummer these guys lost Chris to DevilDriver. I wish Bubble would just comeback.
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    Pretty sure they're all at their day jobs and recording/writing in their down time/summer? Just my best guess. Wish I saw more of them as well, the last record was awesome.
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    Is this band even alive? They've had no activity and I haven't heard anything since I saw them in August 2011.
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    New album.. Please?
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    Mosh'n'Roll is their best album so far - It's good for them to have Mat back!
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    BiohazardGT, I liked Myke, and it was, indeed, quite a shame he got tossed the way he did. He had a different style...obviously, some people liked it and some did not. Those who didn't are happy, now, and Myke has moved on.
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    I'll second that shit.
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    i love jamming to these guys always awesome
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    great!!! just great
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    You should hear Myke Terry's new band "The Silent Age", this dude totally did not belong in "Bury Your Dead." If this band stuck with Myke it would be over now or they would have totally killed off their entire fanbase. Check out the band's video and you'll understand -
  • Avatar for Anton_Churakov
    последний альбом норм, да.
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    I don't think Myke was a bad vocalist at all. I think he sounded pretty good (not great). But the songs the band wrote for those two records were just kinda blah in my opinion. Mat's brought back their flame.
  • Avatar for thompsonjohn
    Don't miss Myke at all. Mat Bruso is the heart and soul of this group. The dude's lyrics are amazing along with his stage presence. It might be cool if Mat put his own lyrics to maybe some of the musically better songs from the Myke Terry era but other than that, Myke had his time, the fans spoke out and got what they wanted.
  • Avatar for HAWK-666
    Very good. Like
  • Avatar for BiohazardGT
    Do any fans actually miss Myke? I'm not trying to start an argument on who the better vocalist is because personally I respect and enjoy both vocalists styles and I like all of BYD's music but Myke seemed to get a lot of hate. And I read the way he was removed from the band wasn't the most favorable way, for him anyway. I dunno, I guess I just kinda feel bad for the dude. I thought he was cool and I liked his style.
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    thompsonjohn: Nevermind. You were totally right (
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    thompsonjohn: There are a lot of people named Eric Ellis that have criminal records. Point me towards a credible source and I'll believe you. And super-pangolin: I extremely disagree with both statements you made. But to each his own.
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    Last album was way boring. S/T was the band at their peak.
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    New is album is still SO awesome! [4] really brought this band back to life. I enjoyed the s/t but It's Nothing Personal looked like the end for them.
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    My band plays heavy southern metal, if you like these guys we think you'd like us. stream our ep for free and maybe add us here on last fm
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    Remember Eric Ellis the second guitarist in the band up until their first album with Myke Terry which he recorded on but exited that same year it was released ('08). Well he's spent his recent time on trail it appears for being an associate in a "fledgling" Florida gang. The gang were originally charged in early '11 for "violating federal racketeering laws." Remember in '08 right before he quit the band they were on tour in Milwaukee, WI and he was held at gun point and beat with a baseball bat & hammer by a gang, possible Milwaukee gang rivalry? Makes sense now with the recent crimes coming to light.
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    1,670 plays in your library, and going. Band never gets old.
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    New is album is still SO awesome! [3] really brought this band back to life. I enjoyed the s/t but It's Nothing Personal looked like the end for them.
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    New is album is still SO awesome!
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    Bury Your Dead is one of 250 bands in Thrash Magazine's "March Metal Madness" competition. Only 64 bands will make it to the next round, so be sure to vote for them (and your favorites) to ensure they get there:
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    Their live DVD is a good time.
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    Mark is playing drums on the upcoming Emmure album.
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    Check out new songs from this young, metalcore band! +REMEMBER TO 'LIKE' THEIR PAGE!
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    Losing Mark to "Crossfade" is a big blow. Bubble too, he's playing in "DevilDriver" now.
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    Mosh N' Roll \m/
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    @Drecksackblasee.... Mat Bruso >>>>> Corey Taylor


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