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  1. Philadelphia hardcore featuring members of Government Warning and Witch Hunt. Demo released in 2011 and a self titled LP in 2012 on Residue…

  2. Hardcore punk band from NY/NJ.
    2010 - Spring Trash demo cassette
    2010 - Slump 7" on Katorga Works/Hesitation Wound
    2011 - Coming Of…

  3. Omegas are a montreal based hardcore-punk band featuring an ex-member of Justice.

    The lords of slam-skank.

  4. Slices is a hardcore punk/noiserock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    John Kasunic - guitar
    Mike Kasunic - bass
    Greg Kamerdze - vocals

  5. Bay Area Hardcore Punk, Ex-Members of 86 Mentality and Streetwalkers.
    In-your-face hardcore with a garage punk twist like New Bomb Turks.

  6. Spanish-language punk/goth downers from Austin, TX, rockin’ in fine cause with grit, fury and determination. En La Oscuridad has the screamin’…

  7. Raleigh, North Carolina
    They managed to start a brutal circle pit at the too cool for school ATP Nightmare Before Christmas Festival. They rock.

  8. Sex Vid (or Sex/Vid) is an American hardcore punk band hailing from Washington state, with members residing in both Seattle and Olympia, WA. They…

  9. Hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts, formed in 2007

    New song from our forthcoming album!

    for more info go here.…

  10. Nihilistic hardcore hailing from Columbus, OH.


    DEMO I (self release)
    LIVE TAPE I (self release)
    LIVE TAPE II (smoke & mirrors)
    DEMO II…

  11. Psyched to Die is a punk band from New Jersey, formed in 2008. They currently feature members of Hunchback, For Science, and The Ergs!. Their…

  12. Consisting of members of H-100s, Upstab, Elders, OSS and Pigeon Religion, Avon Ladies formed in 2008 under the name Cyanide Lactaters. They…

  13. Raw, degenerate hardcore that seethes with frustration and disaffection. Combining noise and thought, Confines songwriting is an unrelenting,…

  14. Nazi Dust is a hardcore band from Tampa, Florida.

  15. Nut-busting punk jams by savages hailing from Rochester, NY.

  16. Hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia.

  17. Wasted Time is either:

    (1) A hardcore/punk band from Richmond / Virginia (U.S.). They have released 2 7" EP's which are collected on the 12"…

  18. One day the kudzu will take over the South, streaming through abandoned cars, cracking through building facades and ultimately washing away…

  19. A four-piece hardcore noise-punk group from South Saint Louis, Missouri.


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