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Burlesquimo is a post-experimental post-music "band" from Perth, Australia. Their 90 minute magnum opus, "December Jam" changed music as we know it forever. From now on all music will be made up on the spot by people who can't play their instruments. December Jam features random talking, riffs from Tool songs, bits of Animal Collective, and was recorded on a mobile phone.

In January, they recorded the hit single "TUMJAN Went Curling", a poly-rhythmic chiptune post-rock masterpiece telling the epic story of Tumjan, a little blue man who lived in Mendel Schwartz's shoes but went on a long journey past the great river to go play curling on top of the mountain.

Burlesquimo's logo is an approximation to the nonwandering set of an open billiard consisting of three disks arranged in an equilateral triangle, together with the obstacles themselves.


Burlesquimo is:
Mendel Schwartz: guitar, bass, drone, vocals, drinking
Lambshank: piano, vocals, drinking
Stop Sign: Game Boy, assorted electronics, guitar, drinking
Coke Can: Violin, Percussion, Producer, Engineer, Mastering, drinking


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