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  • Avatar for Shamatha
    I can't get my ears off it
  • Avatar for starfloka
  • Avatar for leopold_stotch9
    I envy you girl
  • Avatar for Sihaya_
    серьезно, один из лучших треков ever
  • Avatar for JanetDraven
    I can't take my eyes of you
  • Avatar for Maxamaiki
    it's indeed awesome !
  • Avatar for bloodmaw
    i would absolutely believe Bevan would do something like that, MGN, however i can't hear it.
  • Avatar for epilepticteen
    gun shells. :)
  • Avatar for H_Lodri
    excellent tune!
  • Avatar for jillian8
    Love it.
  • Avatar for cyanezc
    very interesting, but every burial song seems to have the same general sound/feel.
  • Avatar for jacobnorris
    it's 'i can't take my eyes off you'
  • Avatar for DGC1983
  • Avatar for WtfThisSucks12
    i can't get myself to listen to almost anything by burial... and they have 34567 tracks on and i ban alot daily....
  • Avatar for black6dahlia
    its so calm and easy going but it can be brutal as fuck if you want. its a fucking masterpiece. im in love with this track and album... ♥.
  • Avatar for Archprophet
    I like the way he manipulates words into meaning anything you want, while making them have a very precise emotional impact...amazing music too, sick album
  • Avatar for asustwix
    I can't take my clothes off you ... now is this you?
  • Avatar for TheMusicalVito
    "I can't take my clothes off"
  • Avatar for Bodysnatcher94
    Thom Yorke got me into this song through his webcast thing, can't stop listening to Burial!!!!!
  • Avatar for crustovski
    awwwweeeeeeeesoooome :D
  • Avatar for somnambulance
  • Avatar for seasoncease
    takes me to places...:)
  • Avatar for iPaet
    perfect song
  • Avatar for danielbestpower
    such a brilliant song
  • Avatar for Snaaek
    so beautiful
  • Avatar for JohnnyBeans
    Hm. I thought the sample was "Not envying you..."
  • Avatar for esimov
    Awesome track!
  • Avatar for clutnuckle
    I can't take my eyes off you
  • Avatar for mocoa
    So deep and dark; those vocals are just perfect.
  • Avatar for protyx
    Awesome dubstep.
  • Avatar for rozali
    this song is pure happiness to me
  • Avatar for needmymusictoda
  • Avatar for buttgammon
    Still chills the shit out of me. I remember first listening to this album on a cold, rainy night when I was very depressed and though it did nothing to lift the veil of gloom that covered me, it helped me to understand it and feel less alone, as if his music could somehow express my own feelings.
  • Avatar for trickly
    This song is haunting and really great. Goshhh!
  • Avatar for MasterStryke
  • Avatar for PhatKoknoz
    Free Nightime Bass Music from Luxembourg
  • Avatar for jandelightmyway
  • Avatar for coffeeandpigs
    your laundry is mad
    i envy u! indeed
  • Avatar for thirdprofile
    one of the best tracks of the 00s for sure
  • Avatar for shesavage
    what a love song !!! )))
  • Avatar for bloc47
  • Avatar for AlexSins
    Eerie as fuuuuk. But total epicness!
  • Avatar for shagski
    best atmosphere
  • Avatar for amorteza
    sooooooooooo gooooood
  • Avatar for Spatzenalarm
  • Avatar for cihansondogac
    ok genni56
  • Avatar for genni56
    Burial is a hardcore punk band from Germany. They mix the sounds of early American hardcore with a definite dose of Japanese hardcore and Japanese burning spirits.
  • Avatar for AchProszePani
  • Avatar for stunningboy
    awesome track lovely


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