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Bullet for My Valentine

A Place Where You Belong (5:06)


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  • Grottig
  • The best Bullet's song <3
  • awesome song
  • <3
  • Such a beautiful song,i'm simply bewitched... [2]
  • In my opinion, Bullet's most underrated song
  • my favourite song
  • An awesome mix of thrash/metal and some excellent song writing!
  • best metal overall
  • raaawr!!! *-*
  • A truly great band
  • I find it impossible to hate anything of theirs. Truly an amazing band. Ignore the naysayers
  • PERFECT <3
  • THANKS BOB,-,-,-,-,-
  • heard them sing this song Live....sounded amazing
  • What would you guys do for a Klondike Bar?
  • omfg this song litteratly is so good it kills me
  • Their slow stuff is PERFECT
  • hope is lost
  • I love the whole album!
  • awesome song (first time listening to it) (^_^)
  • good song enjoyed it...
  • My favorite song of this group
  • *facepalm* Do you honestly expect them to write upbeat songs all the time? They have to write slow songs every now and again. I personally think this is a deep, beautiful song.
  • Стильная штучка.
  • blah... their slow stuff is boring.. sorry bfmv
  • not bad.
  • I still love this band, but this album was a huge step down for bfmv...wish they would go back to The Poison sound...
  • This song has completely altered my entire perception on this band. I have been won over. This song has done this for me and I'm glad that it came into my life. This song is very beautiful and anyone who can create this kind of beautiful music has plenty of talent to spare. :)
  • why they don't play this on their concerts? It'd be fucking epic :cc
  • much and all as i love bfmv i cant stand their slower songs... :(
  • The intro is fuckin' awesome, but as soon as Matt opens his mouth ... there are waaay better BFMV songs.
  • badass melodic metal
  • i just love this band =)
  • <3333
  • This song rules like the whole band does. I don't see why so much hate over Bfmv, they're truly great! \m/
  • huuuh....? what...? yep...? duuuuuhhhhh.....? oh... favorate song....? maybe...? :)
  • hellyeah
  • I do usually like Bullet, but I really am not a huge fan of this song. It's very... boring.
  • Bullet is a sweeet rockin band listen to them a whole lot!!!
  • Great!
  • this is how i feel like theres no place for me here
  • this is such a good song
  • love, love, love! <3
  • Amazing song, amazing album, amazing band!
  • That song its just perfect! no word can describe better that than Perfect!
  • Bullet for my Valentine sind einfach geil
  • Ich liebe das Lied <3
  • Beautiful song. I always come close to crying when I listen to it, haha.


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