• 2007 ACT DMC Championship Finals @ Toast

    4 Aug 2007, 15:48 by eides

    Toast Nightclub, hidden deep within London cct would be the host of the 2007 ACT DMC Championship Finals. It was on a extra chilly Canberra night that we ventured through the door. Arriving far too early, we were able to bypass a the $10 entrance fee. This at least ensured $10 extra could be spent on beer.

    Goldfinger began spinning a set around 9pm, as the crowd began to arrive... slowly. It was your average mix of classics, while being "good", there just wasn't much too it.

    off the hook like peter pan

    10pm came after what seemed like hours. House of Reps took to the stage, while the crowd still kept coming through the door. By 10:30pm, 2 brave girls and one guy hit the dance floor. Behind them, 15 or so "too cool to dance hip hoppers" watched from a far. It was the first time I'd seen House Of Reps and I don't think I'll be in a hurry to either. Bland and very average Australian hip hop. To be fair, there was some great line about Western Australian cricket grounds and being W. …