• [80] Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield Again (1967)

    19 Jan 2009, 20:50 by Llorenza

    Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield Again

    First things first: this is a fantastic album!

    But then... it is so hard to discuss. Mainly because it isn't really an album, but rather a compilation of three great songwriters: Neil Young (finally finally!), Stephen Stills and Richie Furay (didn't know him actually). You would think that because they are together in a group, they try to adjust their songs a little bit so that the album has some coherence. Not :) The only coherence you can find here is the first song that is sampled in the last song (sung by Dewey Martin, the drummer, instead of Neil Young).

    Does an album need coherence? No, not really when it is as good as this. It just takes some time to get into it.

    So, the music? Neil Young is already being the Neil Young he will become (some songs are also used on his later albums) with Mr. Soul being the best song on the album. But the slow Expecting To Fly is also really beautiful (There you stood on the edge of your feather…