• Jelly: A True Story

    26 Oct 2005, 19:41 by Progbear

    Just transferred this to MP3. The one and only album by Jelly, a pop-vocal trio from L.A. Released to instant obscurity by Asylum Records in 1977. Pity, as they’re great, emotive singers and strong tunesmiths. A lot better than a lot of similarly-intentioned stuff that was much more successful.

    Amy Madigan is a strong, soulful singer. She really comes into her own on the punchy version of the classic “Dr. Jazz”, which totally blows away anything I’ve ever heard by The Manhattan Transfer.

    Male vocalist Fred Bliffert has a nice Daryl Hall-esque quality to his timbre. Apparently he was in a band called Bryndle prior to this with Wendy Waldman (who sings back-up on this album).

    Keyboardist Jesse Roe is the only member of this group I’ve been able to find no information on, before or since. Amy Madigan went on to have an acting career of some note; check out her bio on imdb.

    Lastly, I heard a rumour that some smartass at Elektra/Asylum sent them out on tour with Bread, but that may just be an urban legend.