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  • devision6

    ....i forgot .....vergesse niemals das koncert in Hamburg....Nordstern-Vestival.......!!!

    June 2014
  • Hellz_Belle

    I forgot how much I LOVE this song!

    August 2013
  • devision6

    .........Gänsehaut Pur.........!!!

    December 2012
  • camouflage1963

    great song

    August 2012
  • sternlady

    •*¨*• ♥♫ ♥•*¨*•

    April 2012
  • seaweedgirle

    Yep -- sounds like VNV and Apop.... :)

    October 2011
  • DarkHawk04


    October 2011
  • vanilla_boy1

    great song, has the elements my ears wanted to hear & though an old song the synthpop movement will likely move in this direction in the near future again if it is not shifting already [in my estimation].

    September 2011
  • devision6


    August 2011
  • devision6

    ..... MOIN , JOO AM 9.7.2011 IM HAMBURGER STADTPARCK ..... WEERRR ???? NATÜRLICH ...... VNW-NATION ....... ( NORDSTERNVESTIVAL ) :::....!!! GRUSS ...... HENRY

    June 2011
  • seroil

    jetzt hier schon öfter gehört. Weiß zu gefallen :-)

    June 2011
  • Arsenic_Touch

    <3 these guys

    April 2011
  • NethruMalloch

    Genial. So gute Musiker. Das kann ja nur gut gehen. Hoffe man hört noch mehr von denen.

    April 2011
  • devision6


    March 2011
  • Elektropopfan

    Wenn sich so viele begnadete Musiker zusammen schließen, kann nur was gutes dabei raus kommen! Great!!!

    December 2010
  • shadow27

    This was Rexx Arkana's project, he got some of the greatest EBM/Industrial talent to work on this song and it's myriad remixes. They raised tens of thousands for cancer research.

    November 2010
  • FriendlySergant

    ...great Ronan, great

    November 2010
  • devision6

    ............. !!! ...........

    August 2010

    brotherhood, SAYS IT ALL

    June 2010
  • mara-dancer

    einfach HAMMER der song..... woooow... great !!!

    May 2010
  • Khaostheorie

    I really enjoy his voice and the deepths of those mindbreaking beats

    May 2010
  • ALTRN8

    "......When the truth is hard to suffer" My life is the truth that I am suffering at the moment. Positive, I know, but hey.

    March 2010
  • Eclypsia

    I absolutely love this song. I bought this charity special edition two disc set of this. It's about 20 something mixes done by all the best ebm, synth bands out there. It was worth every penny I paid for it.

    March 2010
  • Waldbine65

    ...great song ♥

    March 2010
  • S2Kthecreed


    February 2010
  • rouellette

    I think I have every version of this song. Still I want more.

    December 2009
  • gothabillygoil

    God damn, I LOVE this collaboration of fabulous minds!! <3 >.<

    December 2009
  • SeotrisII

    wirklich nicht schlecht

    December 2009
  • sprachlos73

    that is the reason i'm here!

    December 2009
  • Pjetel

    nicht schlecht

    November 2009
  • Oddgothgirl

    I wonder what the significance is of the eagle- absolutely fantastic track tho...

    October 2009
  • Midiplay

    I love this song!

    October 2009
  • dudu90091

    Super,es gibt aber schon viele ähnliche Songs.

    October 2009
  • seroil

    Find´s nen wenig wie Covenant!

    September 2009
  • nannystern

    Looooove :-))

    August 2009
  • JuJu113


    August 2009
  • SaphiraCeres

    Regardless of verisimilitude to their respective sounds, this song is a nearly ideal example of the genre. If it makes me dance and think at the same time it is damn good.

    August 2009
  • blackeyes29

    Erinnert mich ein bischen an wolfsheim!

    June 2009
  • Ravenhaert

    Voll der Hammer!

    June 2009
  • nietkopf

    Not worried in the slightest, just informing the uninformed, and yes it does sound like everything else they've done, unsurprisingly.

    April 2009
  • nietkopf

    @ selfsurprise: ummm maybe because it was for a Cancer charity?! The lyrics were by Rexx about his father that died from the illness so it is most definately relevant.

    April 2009
  • neighbourElaK

    good sounds

    March 2009
  • B6Bgirl


    March 2009
  • nietkopf

    they are, apparently Sebastian and Rexx are working on a new EP with a different vocalist on each track. Tom Shear (Assemblage 23) has already sang on 'Return' which was remixed by Imperative Reaction and features on the Alfa-Matrix compilation 'Re:connected [3.0]'.

    March 2009
  • hauneb00

    do it again guys ... please

    March 2009
  • DJ_skizzy

    perfect combo of artists!

    March 2009
  • Catt1

    "I will give all I can offer....." I love this song!

    March 2009
  • Syn_Thetic

    Could a supergroup get any more super? This reminds me of Project Tapeworm in terms of sheer talent and potential (which actually went nowhere). I'd love to see these guys do more work together.

    February 2009
  • aengel

    Ronan Harris' voice just lifts this track up to the heavens.

    November 2008


    October 2008