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  • Vish, deve ser um jacaré...
  • "something in the water" give me more!
  • Would be great if you could have a listen to Reyna´s album "Purity" which is full of awesome piano ballads, partly with cello and female vocals. or visit the website Thanks for listening!
  • I've been hearing this song on UCB UK and it's good to know who sings it know. Such a great song.
  • I do not know hoe to down load the songs..
  • Nice song, 2nd random scrobble in 2 days - might check out Holland gig.
  • da is was drin im wasser
  • <3
  • I'm really happy right now... this song... it's magic!
  • I LOVE IT......IT'S A GREAT SONG......
  • I don't know why, but I love this song! <3
  • Brings me in the mood for dancing and happiness. ;-)
  • echt schau...........ich zieh mir gleich die Schuhe an und dann.........................
  • I can't help but smile every time this song plays. :D
  • so nice!!!
  • A A A A A there's something in the water! ;)
  • This song annoys me so much...
  • I heard it today for the first time in the radio and for few seconds I thought that Feist released new single! :-)[2]
  • Ugh. Annoying crap.
  • haha at first I thought it was Feist too! But what a great song!
  • lol, recognize the song from the radio too, very catchy. Should be a hit I guess.
  • ...fucking Nice song! good luck, Brooke .)) x
  • catchy as hell!
  • Really sweet. :)
  • such a great, addictive song!!
  • <3
  • I love this: aah aah ah ahah ah <3. it's fantastic.
  • i got this song stuck in my head. catchy. +1
  • It's become one of my favorite songs ever.
  • i got this song stuck in my head. catchy.
  • I love Brooke ever since the song C.S. Lewis Song.
  • Everyone loves Brooke
  • i LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! It seems a little difrent from her normal sound. Or maybe I dont know Brooke like i think i do.
  • :) nice tune!
  • I find this song quite uplifting... for me. Love the chorus A LOT! I'm a new fan by the way, so... glad to know Brooke Fraser
  • Wow, it's a bit foot-stomping folk country! Not what I expected from her, but I love it. Just happens to be the style I'm into right now. =)
  • I can't wait to for the music video!
  • Wow!
  • Brilliant new single from Brooke!
  • Happy song :)
  • Love the country vibe to it
  • Best song ever.
  • there's something in the water that makes me love you like I do ♫
  • Different. I like.

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