• MY CLUB CHART for week 44/2008

    1 Nov 2008, 12:10 by Heliosphaner

    Number in the brackets stands for number of weeks on the top.

    P.LW.W.HP CHYMERA - Parelo (1)

    02.NE.01.02 FALKO BROCKSIEPER - Fresh 727

    03.NE.01.03 THE BARKING DOGS - Re-Incantation BUTCH - Papillon EP LOCO DICE - Pimp Jackson Is Talking Now!!! (1) ALEJANDRO MOSSO - CPH/BCN EP GUILLAUME & THE COUTU DUMONTS - I Was On My Way To Hell PENDLE COVEN - Iamnoman EP SIS - Nesrib (2)

    10.NE.01.10 GUILLAUME & THE COUTU DUMONTS - L’Été Des Indians JENN - Head Over Heels APPLEBLIM & PEVERELIST - Over Here (Remixes) RADIO SLAVE - Eyes Wide Open / Incognito AGORIA feat. SCALDE - Dust DØLLE JØLLE - Balearic Incarnation (5) MATT STAR - Beladin RADIO SLAVE - Bell Clap Dance Remixes (1) ED CHAMBERLAIN - Does Ape

  • MY CLUB CHART for week 43/2008

    25 Oct 2008, 12:44 by Heliosphaner

    Number in the brackets stands for number of weeks on the top.


    01.NE.01.01 LOCO DICE - Pimp Jackson Is Talking Now!!! (1) PENDLE COVEN - Iamnoman EP SIS - Nesrib (2) GUILLAUME & THE COUTU DUMONTS - I Was On My Way To Hell APPLEBLIM & PEVERELIST - Over Here (Remixes)

    06.NE.01.06 ALEJANDRO MOSSO - CPH/BCN EP BUTCH - Papillon EP RADIO SLAVE - Eyes Wide Open / Incognito DØLLE JØLLE - Balearic Incarnation (5) RICHARD BARTZ - Speicher 61 RADIO SLAVE - Bell Clap Dance Remixes (1) JENN - Head Over Heels AGORIA feat. SCALDE - Dust MINILOGUE - Snake Charmer EP MELCHIOR PRODUCTIONS - Who Can Find Me EP TONY LIONNI - Shaka / Cuarado DANI CASARANO - Pecatore MATT STAR - Beladin ED CHAMBERLAIN - Does Ape BASTI GRUB - Ich Reit Durch Wölfersheim
  • This is Minimal Techno

    3 Oct 2007, 21:39 by Nectar_Card

    click here for a tag radio station containing all the linked minimal techno artists below

    Article courtesy of:

    One of the best places in Berlin to watch the sun rise is from inside the massive Watergate club, on the banks of the River Spree, in the trendy Kreuzberg district. The side facing the river towards the east is glass-plated floor-to-ceiling; between 5am and 7am, the room is gradually transformed from a dark, heaving mass of European bodies syncopating themselves to a house beat into a gloriously sunlit morning-after.

    Berlin has been the spiritual home of dynamic, forward-thinking dance music for much of the past decade, house and techno in particular; it is a hub where artistic talents converge and nascent genres emerge to spread across Europe. The combination of a famously liberal attitude towards partying and a startlingly low cost of living has made the city a magnet for art scenes of all descriptions…
  • Week Ending 8/20/2006: Top 10 Artists

    27 Aug 2006, 18:58 by empathylacuna29

    Week 4: Apparently Last.fm had some trouble with charts this week. In looking at how few listens I had overall, I figured that some listens must have been lost. Course, my week at work was just possibly insane enough that I don't remember how few tunes broke up my day.

    1. DJ Brokenwindow - I pulled out Parallel Universe #2 after not having heard it in ages. In the past few weeks, I'd found a handful of Solenoid tracks on some blogs I frequent. They were almost universally great so I did a little follow-up and found out it's DJ Brokenwindow. This is what sucks about getting older and the business of life intruding on music. If I were in college and heard either Brokenwindow or Solenoid, I would have known his life story and the story of all the labels he'd ever been on. Oh well, the whole connection prompted be to go back to Parallel Universe; great, inventive "old-school" mashup record. The fact that he provides the vinyl mix instructions on the liner notes is great! I like secret-share-ers. …
  • Bleep.com

    20 Jul 2006, 15:04 by sideb0ard


    Head on over to http://www.bleep.com/?label=Highpoint+Lowlife where you can now find the whole Highpoint Lowlife catalog in high-quality DRM-free mp3 format, including all vinyl only releases!

    Highpoint Lowlife has releases from Mandelbrot Set, Fisk Industries, The Marcia Blaine School For Girls, Izu, Like A Stuntman, Bovaflux, Marshall Watson, Rashamon, Si-cut.db, randomNumber, The Village Orchestra, Fuck-Off Machete, Recon, Production Unit, N.LN, DoF, and compilations with tracks from Xiu Xiu, The Stratford 4, Daigoro, Accrual, Chris DooksBroker/Dealer, The Jim Yoshi Pileup, and also solo projects from members of Tarentel.

  • June Gloom? No way

    1 Jun 2006, 13:52 by andrewbiles

    Although I love that track by The Like, it's totally wrong. June this year is looking great! The sun's coming out, the birthday is around the corner and the music is rolling in.

    I'm currently listening to the Radiohead show from the 19th (May) that I missed out on, and I have to congratulate both the band and the person that recorded it. Excellent stuff. Everyone seems to be blabbing about Thom Yorke's up-coming album and downloading early - as usual - which, although he supports the internet, is a shame. I hate knowing about albums before they're released and its unavoidable finding out. Anyway, everyone has their preferences as to how much they want to ruin a new release...

    I found myself a copy of Colleen's 'Mort aux vaches' the other day on GEMM and I really cannot wait for that. Also Sparrows Swarm and Sing's 'II' has been re-released on three different colour records, so that's going to be exciting to get through the door (couldn't be bothered with all copies though). …
  • Minimal techno, electro, house and so on: my personal favourite s

    21 Mar 2006, 23:29 by sweatonthewalls

    Anja Schneider And Sebo K

    For their Side Leaps ep on mobilee it had to be them Clicky, dubby and druggy: perfect 5 a.m. minimal techno. Alex Under, Argy, Ark, Agnes, Ali Khan, Akufen,Audion, Alex Smoke...ad infinitum]

    Billy Dalessandro

    Darm minimal tech-house, his Sonic Revolution ep on force tracks my favourite. Bruno Pronsato, Baeks, Brighlight, Broker/Dealer]


    Couldn't think of too many better than the uber-cool Cabanne with his/their (not sure) Cabannazik ep Christian Vogel, Chardronnet]

    Donacha Costello

    It could only be this dubliner for his colour series on minimize and his recent handful of amazing eps Digitaline, David Donnohoe, Dimbiman, DJ T, Dub Kult, Dafluke, DJ Koze, Dominik Eulberg]

    Ellen Allien

    The queen of the dancefloor with her Berlinette and Thrills lps on her bpc label, need I say more? Eastwest, Extrawelt]


    Matthew Dear's minimal alias, his River Camping ep on Richie Hawtin's minus label was fine Freak Electrique…