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I'm Not A Fan But The Kids Like It

Style; crunkcore/pop

brokencyde's first album



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  • I'm Not A Fan But The Kids Liked It Once But As They Got Older, They Regret Ever Liking This Stuff
  • this albums pretty long huh
  • album que educou gerações define
  • I don't think even the kids like Brokencyde.
  • It's a deep metaphysical commentary on the philosophical transactions and fabrications plaguing what we know as society today. Understandably, it went over the average internet users head, whose musical taste is limited to P4K approved "indie" rock and little boys chanting "swag".
  • Their masterpiece. None of their other studio albums are even close to as good as this.
  • >you cant illustrate while you suffocate, assrapecore, like hearing an angry bowel movement for 60 minutes, the product of anal kniving, for everything youve done Stay classy.
  • I like to think this band is a parody of the ...whatever the shit kids call this music today. One can only hope.
  • You know, I can't help but think that if some alien race ever comes across this dogshit through a radio transmission, they'll deem our whole civilization unworthy of life and proceed to laser nuke the ever loving shit out of us. God help us...
  • I made myself suffer through this album. And I hated it every bit as much as I thought I would. But at least I tried. Worst album I've ever heard yet.

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