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Feel Good Lost
Broken Social Scene

Feel Good Lost


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  • Do I feel good lost or is a good feeling lost?
  • Fantastic!
  • best ambient album ever!
  • This is so great, got me through some shitty times.
  • This album is beautiful.
  • This album is SO underrated.
  • This album makes me feel good lost
  • this was the first album that i really fell in love with, it can get me through any day and it can put me to sleep when i am happy and when i am sad, i will never forget this.
  • This album is medicine
  • s
  • I love this album.
  • i haven't listened to it yet but the album title itself depicts how i feel recently, I know this is going to be another album of theirs I will love
  • it's perfect studying/sleeping music
  • what an immaculate beautiful landscape. Just like lexums said "i will listen to this until the day i die". Best bss album by far.makes the other albums sound like Creed in comparison.
  • wow. i ignored this for so long... it's fantastic. easily on par with s/t and YFIIP [21332]
  • Dude.
  • holy shit guys this on drugs or even not because this album is completely life changing
  • on par with s/t and YFIIP
  • i listened to this album when i was high last night. tq bss
  • dimly-lit lovemaking
  • The title "feel good lost" is so appropriate.
  • yea dude, check out there self titled album and "you forgot it in people" if you havent already. you forgot it in people was the first album I heard, been hooked since then. their new album is amazing as well. looks just like the sun from "you forgot it in people" is a really chill song. heres a youtube link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9adQts8ZH9Y
  • guys, can anyone recommend similar albums? I really like the idea of just ambient indie rock, no lyrics, no vox. Strictly instrumental. Anything on par or better?
  • beauty.
  • I don't think words can describe how important this album is to me. I'll listen to it until the day I die.
  • They just get it... AHHH!
  • @ Crimsonhorizon: I do that all the time to various albums including Feel Good Lost. It's mesmerizing.
  • Took longer to grow on me than the others... but I love it.
  • Underrated. It's their best after YFIIP, imo.
  • come home quite high. grab mp3 player, put on Feel Good Lost. turn of the lights, crawl into bed. slowly drift off to sleep losing yourself to the music. i love this album.
  • Cool but compared to YFIIP its just okay.
  • wow. i ignored this for so long... it's fantastic. easily on par with s/t and YFIIP [2]
  • fantastic album
  • A beautiful lullaby
  • [track artist=sophie lowe]cloudless skies[/track]
  • feels good man
  • <3
  • i love everyone's suggestions about how to listen to this album, fascinating
  • ++ to Guilty Cubicles, Love and Mathematics
  • <3 guilty cubicles is probably my favorite song.
  • the best album ever made
  • their best, hands down.....(and what best it is!!!)....
  • last place ...
  • My favourite BSS album!
  • On a freezing winter midnight, turn off all the lights and sit down on a chair...and listen...
  • guilty cubicles. phenomenal.
  • un álbum continuo, una sola obra de arte
  • mmmmmmmmm yum
  • Alive in '85 destroys
  • Beautifully relaxing :)


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