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  • Avatar for guntrip
    Can we all vote to redirect this just to Kevin Drew pls?
  • Avatar for cliiv
    yes New Album!!!!!!
  • Avatar for AlxSavage
    Considering the BSS hiatus, he really needs to release another solo album.
  • Avatar for BiskitFoo
    Because a good chunk of members from BSS were helping him out?
  • Avatar for Anonymous_Rex
    Hell, why not change it to just 'Kevin Drew'? The 'BSS Presents' seems unnecessary.
  • Avatar for InASafePlace
    Kevin Drew
  • Avatar for K-RE23
    So when you die/will you leave/ behind/ all the leaves/ that we sewed to ourselves?
  • Avatar for K-RE23
    Gang Bang Suicide <3 guess this is the only place that line is appropriate.. [2]
  • Avatar for w_1_7
    Frightening Lives is freaking amazing.
  • Avatar for froztfreez
    "is it gonna be bad if i just start scrobbling this as Broken Social Scene? because i find that far more pleasing" [2] Darn, wish I'd thought of this a long time ago, because then BSS would be in my overall top five. Oh well.
  • Avatar for VMWhelan
    So I found a really awesome remix of Broke Me Up on my computer called "Broke Me Up (mellowasfuck remix)" but I can't find anything about it at all... any clues?] Here it is for reference: (it's FLAC)
  • Avatar for HomeSafe
    Gang Bang Suicide <3 guess this is the only place that line is appropriate..
  • Avatar for mr_maxis
    i vote for a merge [4]
  • Avatar for holo17
    in other news, I still regret not having bought the "fucked up kid" t-shirt on the tour supporting this record. anybody has any idea where I could still get one? give me a shout tnx :)
  • Avatar for holo17
    i vote for a merge [2]
  • Avatar for tokyopoliceclub
    I say colon! Brendan Canning gets one, after all.
  • Avatar for xXxjaninexXx
    sooo underrated. I hate to say it because Broken Social are one of my favorite bands ever and changed my life when I was 16 but Kevin Drew's solo album is better! or at least for me right now. haven't listened to Broken Social Scene in so long but seriously this is almost flawless. and not enough ppl know about it! although if it was too many it would be annoying.
  • Avatar for ZenManifest
    Damnit which is the correct tag. "Presents: Kevin Drew: or "Presents Kevin Drew?" Colon or no colon?
  • Avatar for therhapsody
    Gang Bang Suicide is nothing other than one of the most brilliant songs I have ever heard.
  • Avatar for Nachkebia
    Awesome awesome awesome album, both presents albums are great!
  • Avatar for cranguy
    I am shocked at how good this album (Spirit If) is. I bought it blindly, trusting that a "Broken Social Scene side project" would be worthwhile. Little did I know this would be comparable to the best of BSS's songs. I've been listening to this album obsessively for almost a week. I love TBTF and Bodhi Sappy Weekend.
  • Avatar for magichouse
    [track artist=sophie lowe]cloudless skies[/track]
  • Avatar for mintleaf-uu
    Does anyone believe Broke Me Up is so underrated? GOD that song makes me cry and laugh.
  • Avatar for jeffguytx
    so so so so so so so so so good. (came back to it after not listening to it for a while) (("Wowie Kazowie" indeed, iDEAR!))
  • Avatar for andtigers
    is it gonna be bad if i just start scrobbling this as Broken Social Scene? because i find that far more pleasing
  • Avatar for jung_generation
    BSS=always good no matter which set of participants is present
  • Avatar for apropriadamente
  • Avatar for iDEAR
    Wowie Kazowie this is good
  • Avatar for Fevered17
    Spirit if is one of my favorite albums of all time. You can tell Kevin Drew really put his heart into it.
  • Avatar for Gribi
    ótimo, ótimo, ótimo, ótimo, ótimo, ótimo, ótimo!
  • Avatar for clicktrackheart
    Tbtf is awesome.
  • Avatar for maadirounder
    Ya, the auto correct needs to stop flagging this artist as Kevin Drew.
  • Avatar for Fevered17
    This is a valid artist (autocorrect = off)
  • Avatar for DaveSarge
    whoever writes these descriptions seems to have a problem distinguishing between bss members and do make say think members...
  • Avatar for esoteric888
    I care about the tags and caring about the tags certainly doesn't depreciate the value of the music. Fix it- combine the tags like the used to. There's nowhere to suggest it anymore. Definitely bss presents, btw... jackasses. Buy the album.
  • Avatar for locc2dabrain
    indie wtf what a load of crap
  • Avatar for NRZ01
    love it big love is awesome
  • Avatar for merten4mcguffin
    what a great album, as is something for all of us, hope they tour it in europe...
  • Avatar for skazzembar
  • Avatar for _songbird
    lucky ones is awesome but way too effing long
  • Avatar for SiLvErMaN321
    cant beleive how many cool people feature on this album
  • Avatar for kimdracula666
    Yes, thank you just listen to the damn music who cares what it's tagged as? come on....
  • Avatar for Quetzocotol
    Yeah, likely because it's not entirely solo. Also this has a lot of post-rock instrumental moments which kinda separates it from normal Broken Social Scene, hence the tag.
  • Avatar for ghostcoach
    I have to agree with likelylad111. its simply great music. who cares about tagging? I don't see the point in labeling music as anything anywhere. btw. broken social scene presents kevin drew is the artist name, they call it that on their website.
  • Avatar for redri
    i'm Kevin Drew!!!
  • Avatar for televisionangel
  • Avatar for mephisto_dark
    Kevin Drew is featured on last weeks New Music podcast. Check it out:
  • Avatar for Fevered17
    Who fucked with the artist description?
  • Avatar for fjersnam
    i've got two different kd tags in my top 50 (arrrgh). wait a minute, gotta write my testament :)
  • Avatar for willlliw


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