• 2008 review

    23 Nov 2008, 21:53 by jamesdcody

    Top Ten Albums Of The Year:

    1. Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid

    Simply put this is one of the most beautiful records you may ever hear. The Seldom Seen Kid is Elbows forth studio album and was totally self produced and is also the winner of this years Mercury Music Prize (and well deserved too). The Seldom seen kid is actually one of Elbows old friends and fellow Manchester musician Bryan Glancy who sadly passed away and the album is dedicated to his memory.

    The record starts off with Starlings Which begins with a wall of noise before the most melodic and tuneful piano and drums come in to show elbow at there finest. Guy Garvey sings "The violence explode inside me when i meet your eyes, Then I'm spinning and diving like a cloud of starlings. Darling is this love?" an absolute tune, some of the best lyrics i've ever heard (What an Opener!). Next we pick up pace with The Bones of You(One of the songs…