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Bright Light Fever is a powerhouse rock quartet hailing from Sacramento, California. Coming from the inevitable humble beginnings that any band of consequence must come from, Bright Light Fever have been hard at their toil for 4 years now.

Founded by Evan and Don at the delicate age of 17, the bands first couple years were those of an entirely different band. A growing, developing band, that after recording three EP's came to this decision: continue playing the garbage songs you wrote in high school, or break up, move on and do better things.

A difficult choice?

No, not at all, but as chance would have it, someone involved with a record label thought that one of the "high school garbage songs" was destined to be a smash hit, bigger than the “Macarena”. Faced with their first true dilemma, Evan and Don held council, deliberated, delegated, and decided that with the addition of new members (Mark and Robert), they would take the record deal.

Thus Bright Light Fever entered into the world of the “music biz”, signing to Stolen Transmission/Island Records in early '06. With their hearts buoyed by all the cuddly fun promises of signing a record deal, the boys were faced with the task of getting the new lineup solid and composing a record. In stepped Joby J Ford (of the Bronx) to produce the album, and over the course of three weeks a ragtag team of misfits was whipped into what could be called a band, complete with record deal and a critically acclaimed debut album, entitled "Bright Light Fever presents The Evening Owl".

From here the band expected to be dealing purely in precious metals, foreign autos, casino ownership, etc. etc. Sadly, this was not the case. Leading up to and following the release of their album, Bright Light Fever began the hard work of DIY touring. DIY? Yes, Do It Yourself. See, despite being signed, Bright Light Fever was without an agent, publicist, tour support, all the things that make it not DIY. But against all odds, Bright Light Fever pushed on, continuing to tour and always keeping the next album in mind, slowly compiling new material. Bright Light Fever successfully (?) completed 4 self-booked west coast/south west tours in 2007.

As they began work in earnest on a second record, differences with their record label came to a head and separate ways were taken. From this separation Bright Light Fever saw an opportunity to start anew, to refocus and push the band on by pure grit and determination. Since grit and determination have entered the equation, the band completed its first full US tour in December '07 and recorded its second full length album in February '08 with no label backing. Again, the band has changed, not in lineup but in motives. Through the hardships faced a transformation has been forced, like the grasshopper to the locust, Bright Light fever is more now than it ever was before.

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