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  • Avatar for ironraven24
    my desires wait out the weather that howls in my brain
  • Avatar for thelastamy
    I'm loving it!
  • Avatar for RedigaRehder
    Made me think of Blur's No Distance left to Run when he sang the Train Under Water-bit, now.
  • Avatar for mihec-pl
    And I will say thanks if you're pouring my drinks
  • Avatar for jeemajamajimma
    Some of his best words. =)
  • Avatar for colorfuldreams
    "so don't stay mad. just let some time pass, and in the morning you'll wake feeling new" :')
  • Avatar for aplusmusic
    love was always cruel
  • Avatar for BTBAMowns111
    goddamn! make me cry!
  • Avatar for a-Me-with-a-You
    Seriously, one of the best songs ever. This post might not be very original but I mean it hehe.
  • Avatar for jpesce
    Proper use of the pedal steel guitar
  • Avatar for instinct_decay
    The moment I heard it, I knew it would be replayed countless of times. :3
  • Avatar for raycosm
    Yeah, this is just about my favorite song of all time.
  • Avatar for awholelottabang
    "Yeah I was a postcard, I was a record, I was a camera until I went blind." [2]
  • Avatar for Herr_Amn
    Still my most played song by them. I absoultely love how this song build-ups and comes back down at the end.
  • Avatar for Fuutile
    "Yeah I was a postcard, I was a record, I was a camera until I went blind."
  • Avatar for youremyfavorite
  • Avatar for panicdancelove
    i was a camera until i went blind.
  • Avatar for fatwang
    Conor-love your poetical songs, getting a bit tired of your angst-laden voice affectations. Move on.
  • Avatar for EddieG1989
    love this song/
  • Avatar for CLSosa
    Oh it's about brooklyn and the L train >.>
  • Avatar for Lissof_leuf
    I thought I was the only one with tropical storms blowing through my mind, I glad to share the experience. It is not all bad.
  • Avatar for fluorescentkid
    woah, what an amazing song. really awesome !
  • Avatar for KingSteven16
    Jake Bellows..
  • Avatar for Sidas_Ger
  • Avatar for revtim01
    It is sooo country. Not that that's a bad thing
  • Avatar for tuureluure
    pure love.
  • Avatar for voicelesschorus
    great great songwriting and i just love oberst's delivery style. one of the best from an album full of great tracks.
  • Avatar for righthandrick
    my top 5 fav albums of all time! the poignancy is riveting. oberst speaks the truth.
  • Avatar for BalladBombs
    this g is coooooooooool!
  • Avatar for Franctanc
    totally awesome!
  • Avatar for thatLILgirl
    beautiful :)
  • Avatar for dbs101
    "you were born inside-of-a-rain-drop" woooww *-* only for this first line i would marry this song. argh
  • Avatar for spinnakerboy
    43 million.
  • Avatar for jhdiscarded
  • Avatar for Itisgoingtostop
    It feels like I've always been listening to Bright Eyes... only 7 months. Brilliant lyricist.
  • Avatar for rosaelefant
    always finding myself singing along to this awesome song
  • Avatar for mcouchard
    My 2000th play.... thanks Bright Eyes
  • Avatar for DearGravity
    Totally agreed.
  • Avatar for Jabsta
    Even though this song is over 6 minutes long I always feel like it ends way too quickly.
  • Avatar for DearGravity
    This is my favorite song in the entire world.
  • Avatar for stickspk
    -love was always cruel -if i dont come back......I MEAN IF I GET SIDETRACKED
  • Avatar for PaintedSilence
    An amaazing song! <3 It.
  • Avatar for rocker_ego777
    beautiful song <3
  • Avatar for wishingfish
    <3 love itt. One of my fave Brighteyes songs. It has such amazing lyrics. Not that all of Conor Oberst's lyrics aren't fantastic, but these just pop out in my mind.
  • Avatar for stickspk
    love was always cruel but if you take that train under water then we can talk it throw
  • Avatar for SarahBarbara
    truly amazing.
  • Avatar for TwilightXO
    best song on the album
  • Avatar for JMGQ
    un jueves por la tarde de adolescencia....
  • Avatar for zubeydep
    everytime i listen them,become melancholic bec of this vibrant and affective(positively) voice
  • Avatar for Hobbespawn


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